Scenic Route from Munich to Fussen or Garmish? Good road maps for Bavaria?

Hello All,
Would like to know if there are more scenic routes when driving from Munich to either Fussen or Garmisch-P as opposed to take the highways? Also, any suggestions on good road maps (Michelin) for Bavaria. Will have GPS, but would to supplement with maps. Thanks, Dee

Posted by Kurt
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Check Michelin's website - When you ask for a map of a certain place, what it brings up is (naturally) the Michelin map. Scenic routes are in green. The paper maps are available from Both towns are located in particularly scenic locations, as long as you resist the urge to take the superhighways. GPS is nice, especially in cities, but for back roads you need to have an idea of the town or 2 ahead so you can override the GPS, which tends to favor the fastest. The German National Tourist Office will also supply info on all on the many "tourist routes" through Germany, there are dozens, which tend to go through the cream of the crop.
Good luck

Posted by Gary Mc
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We liked the "ADAC Sta├čenAtlas". Scenic routes, worthwhile sights, scenic villages, etc. all noted. Best to buy it there. If you want it in advance, would ship it to you but at a hefty fee. ADAC is the German equivalent of AAA. I understand that Shell has similar area maps with the same information but I am not familiar enough with them to make a recommendation. Regards, Gary

Posted by Paul
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Hi Dee, on the way to either, I'd make a stop at Andechs Monastery. Once you get near Schongau, you can head towards either. If heading to Fuessen, I'd also stop and see the amazing interior of the Wieskirche. If heading to Garmisch, you may want to stop in Oberammergau. For maps, we always used Michelin maps. Paul

Posted by David
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Paul's right about the Andechs Monastary. The brothers make a mean brew, and it's one of the absolutely best "real beerhalls." Just don't try to stay in vicinity at night, as accommodations are very pricey. If you're wanting to see what back roads are available, just go to and punch in the city. As you magnify with the little + sign, more and more detail of the terrain will show up.

Posted by Dee
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Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. When we first started planning this trip we were going to limit places to only where the trains would take us. Now with the help and encouragement of others, we are going to be brave and drive (but not within Munich and Salzburg) and explore. Our first trip to Germany was over 28 years ago with an organized tour group (non Rick Steve type) and we were on the bus a lot and "saw" major sights by jumping off, taking photos, and jumping back on the bus. Of course we stayed longer at obligatory shopping destinations. Internet is a wonderful thing when people can share and help others! Dee