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Sarlat, France

I am considering spending a week in a rental property in Sarlat the last week of September. It looks like a great town in a wonderful area. We will have a rental car. The only thing that worries me is the weather (we hate hot weather) and the traffic. Rick makes it sound like there's a lot of traffic congestion getting into and out of the town. Is it bad? If so, is it possible to park in a lot on the outskirts of town and avoid the traffic. We don't mind walking a mile or two, even with luggage. Thanks.

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Why don't you ask the owner or agent for the rental property you are considering, about parking and traffic. I'd guess that the last week of September would not be unbearably hot (go to for data), nor would the place be crowded with tourists. Maybe I am wrong, but a city the size of Pittsburgh would surely have more traffic to worry about than Sarlat.

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We stayed near Sarlat, about 4 miles away in the direction of Salignac. Drove into Sarlat for dinner several times and found easy parking on the street and there is a car park which I think was free. Sarlat was a bit larger then I expected but traffic was not an issue. Never been in that area in September but I would not think it would be very hot. Saturday was market day which was interesting-you will see lots of fois gras for sale. We opted not to tour a goose farm and there are many farms in the area. Have a great trip!

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Yes, you most definitely can ( and should ) park your car in one of the many lots just outside of the town center. Traffic congestion is pretty bad, but you can drive around the town center instead if through it. My wife and I had a car for a few days while we were there and had no problems finding overnight parking just outside the center. Sarlat and the surrounding area is a great place. Since you're going to be there a week, I highly recommend a trip south to the Lot River area ( it's very beautiful ). Have a great trip, and Go Steelers!

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the traffic is not too bad. maybe it's bad on a really busy weekend but in general it's fine. there are good parking spaces in the old town and i was able to find parking last time when I arrived in the late afternoon on a week day. The largest parking spot is at the end of the road coming into the town where the road turns left around the old town and then turn right leading out of the town.

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With a car, stay in a nearby village (like the above poster did) and if you want to see Sarlat, you can drive in for a day. You pretty much have to park in the big parking lot outside the town center; few places have their own parking. It's a bigger, more sprawling (ie car lots and lots of development on the edge of town) place than most people realize. The center is worth visiting fora hal day but it's so much nicer to stay in the Dordogne countryside, and drive to sights as needed. Sights are all over the region so it's way easier to stay somewhere that doesn't require negotating traffic when you are trying to come and go.

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Thank you for all the helpful answers. (And especially for the well wishes for the Steelers -- it seemed to help!) I am reassured on all counts. The historic averages for Sarlat that week would be perfect. The average highs(near 80) would be much higher than I like, but not a deal breaker. If the traffic is bad, it's good to know we can park on the outskirts. Norma, I do plan to ask the homeowner about parking, but did not think I could count on him/her being as objective as helpline posters. You are correct about Pittburgh traffic -- it is no fun driving in downtown Pittsburgh. But then I don't plan on doing that on my vacation. :) Thanks again!

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As far as weather in September in Sarlat, it can be perfect. My wife and I stayed there the last week of September a couple years ago. The day time temperature was mid 70's and the evenings cooled to the mid 60's every day. It couldn't have been better which of course doesn't mean every last week of September will be like that. Driving was pleasant and easy. Have a fantastic time.