Salzburg worth a side trip?

My husband and I are traveling to Germany and Switzerland in early July 2013. Our plan is to do 3 nights in Munich then rent a car and drive to Dinklesbuhl for one night then head down to Fussen to see Neuschwanstein castle (staying overnight in Fussen) From Fussen we plan on driving to Lindau to drop the car before heading to Switzerland for a few days. Will probably spend a few hours in Lindau before heading to Switzerland.
We were planning on doing a day trip to Salzberg from Munich, but wondered if it was worth the trip. Didn't know if Salzberg is different enough from the other towns in Germany that we will be going to (Dinklesbuhl, fussen, and Lindau) to warrant a 2 hour train ride from munich and back. Would love to get opinions from anyone that's been before. Would love to see Salzberg if it will offer some variety to our trip. Thanks!

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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I have been to all the places you are going and I would definitely say Salzburg is worth the trip. With only one day you will probably be sorry you don't have more, but it is a tourist friendly city and very walkable so in a day you can see and do a lot. It's a lovely city.

Posted by Paul
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Hi Sarah, Salzburg is so worth the detour. Off topic... I'd go as far as cutting Dinkelsbuehl if need be. We thought Dinkelsbuehl was ok (nothing special), but love Salzburg. Paul

Posted by Leigh
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It is definitely worth the side trip. I thought Salzburg was very beautiful. I spent a lot of time just wandering through the old town which has square after square with fountains and interesting architecture. As someone else said, the old town is very walkable and that is where I would focus my time if I was there for just a day trip. Salzburg is very different than Fussen and Munich.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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If at all possible, try to spend the night there. What I like about Salzburg is that everyone you meet are very accommodating, and they're like talking to a travel guide. It's the people there I especially enjoy.
And the Augustiner Monastery has a great beer hall/gardens to spend the afternoon.

Posted by Rick
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My wife and I returned home last week after 3 weeks in Germany. We took a 3 day side trip to Salzburg and loved every minute of it. We did a Mozart dinner concert at Stiftskeller St Peter restaurant that was excellent!

Posted by Michael
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If you are going to Dinklesbuhl because you might of read here that it is farther better then Rothenburg save yourself a trip. IMO what people see in Dinklesbuhl I have still not figured out. I wouldn't even go to Rothenburg, I would add the day to Salzberg.

Posted by Kathy
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Last spring we spent time in Munich, Salzburg, Rothenburg and Fuessen. With your limited time, like the others have commented, I would visit Salzburg instead and you could spend a night there. Dinklesbuhl pales in comparison, plus it's a few hours drive to Fuessen from there.

Posted by Brad
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My first trip to Germany I only made one stop outside the country, Salzburg. A friend had bicycled through Europe on his honeymoon and recommended Salzburg as one of the most beautiful cities anywhere. Most places can't live up to that kind of billing, but Salzburg did. If you can stay a night, you should. One sight that is etched on my mind permanently is of Salzburg's old center, lit up at night, as seen from one of the walking bridges across the river. I've seen many of the iconic views people associate with Europe and can't think of any that top the view that evening.

Posted by Sarah
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Think we have decided to skip Dinklesbuhl and add an overnight stay in Salzberg thanks to all of your suggestions. Thank you all so much for your input--it is greatly appreciated! Does anyone have any suggestions for hotels with AC and easy parking? Didn't know if it would be easier to stay on the outskirts of Old Town with a car (posted this separately, but thought I'd ask it here also) Thanks so much!

Posted by Joseph
Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
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" Didn't know if Salzberg is different enough from the other towns in Germany that we will be going to...." Sarah, I assume that you realize that Salzburg is in Austria, not Germany. I think it's worth visiting, both to see the old town AND the part of town across the river, which has the Mirabel palace and concert hall and the Mozart Wohnhaus, as well as the rail station and many nice restaurants.