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Salzburg to Vienna amble, later this month (Oct)

Four of us traveling with only a general plan. I saw the other recent postings on Salzburg ref accmmodations. Looks good. Any reccs regarding see/do in Salzburg?

I went through a Salt Mine tour somewhere near there in Germany when I was a kid. What/where was it?

We would like to visit pretty/historical sites as we head on down to Vienna. Any suggestions off a rail, or bus, route?

Then on to Budapest, and eventually to Prague. A "Back Door" kind of trip. I saw the Slovakia postings on the Graffiti Board. Any other suggestions?

thanks, Charlie

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The salt mine tour you went on was probably in Berchtesgaden. You could easily go there again or pick the one above Hallstadt.

On the way to Vienna, I wouldn't want to miss Melk Abbey.

If you want a back door trip, stop in any town that has a TI and ask them what sites they recommend in their town. They may have nothing that interests you or you may choose to stop for a day or two. If it looks good for an overnight, ask the TI if there is a B&B in town. I always add nothing fancy (unless you want fancy) when I'm asking for lodging or food so they don't just send me to the most expensive place in town. You can also take a comprehensive guidebook (probably not Rick's) for lodging recommendations.

For food, ask either the proprietor of your B&B or any local for a good place to get a decent meal, nothing fancy.

Your best back door options will always be the smaller towns that most tourists forget while they rush to the next city on the autobahn.