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Has anyone traveled to more than one of theSE three sites around Berchtesgaden in the same day? I have read the bus timetables, but I am going straight to the source(s). Is it feasible to do more than one in a day? Would you have to keep going back to Berchtesdaden to catch the bus to the next site, or can you depart on bus from one site directly to another?

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The salt mines are on the same bus route (#849) as the Dokumentation Center/Kehlstein Busabfahrt, two stops earlier, I think. That bus and the buses to Königssee both leave from the Hauptbahnhof and go different directions. If you just went to the Eagles' Nest you probably could do Königssee (at least to St. Barts) in a day. I spent an entire day at the Eagles' Nest and the Dok Center.

As far as I know, there is no bus from the Dok Center, BA to Königssee, nor do the route intersect anywhere but at the Hbf. You'll have to go back there and change buses.

I would agree with James. The Eagle's Nest and Königssee are unique to Berchtesgaden; there are lots of salt mines.

If you have enough time, go up to the end of Königssee (Salet) and go over the bar to the Obersee. When we were there, after seeing St. Barts, we went back to the dock and there was a long line for the boat. Then we realized it was to go back to the start; there was no line for Salet. We went to the end of the lake and saw the Obersee. We had no problem getting on the boat at Salat to go back. When we got to St. Barts, there was still a long line, but we were already on the boat.

And, BTW, the town below Kehlsteinhaus (Eagles' Nest) is Obersalzberg. That area was named Salzberg (Salt mountain) because salt was mined under the mountain. Obersalzberg was the upper part of that area. The Austrian town of Salzburg, was a fortified town, Burg, key to the salt trade. And, they are not pronounced the same (except by Americans).

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Sorry, I went from Salzburg to the Salt mines and after to the Schnapps factory...That was about a 4-5 hour trip..I would recomend the Schnapps Tour and the Salt mine was a blast...

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Some of the most fun we ever had in that area was with a rental car, Robert. Depending on your situation (number of travelers, etc, etc) it might be worth it, and cheaper to do a 1 way drop off than train. We had 4 adults, and car was the better deal.

Spent a wonderful May day driving all over the area, and truly enjoyed it!

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Up to five people can have unlimited use of all the RVO buses in Berchtesgaden, including the bus to the Kehlstein Busabfahrt (but not the special buses on the bus only road to the Nest), and also the trains to Freilassing and Salzburg, for a day with a €28 Bayern-Ticket.

You can get an RVO Tagesticket (day pass) for unlimited use of the buses only for €9 per adult, €21 for a family (2 adults and all their children under 15). The RVO Tagesticket would also be good for the bus (Walzmann Express) to Salzburg.

Where can you rent a car for €9-€28?

BTW, a few years ago my wife and I spent two days in Berchtesgaden. The first morning we rode the bus from the Hbf out to Wimbachklamm, hiked in the gorge, had lunch, came back to the Hbf, then went roundtrip to Königsee to cruise on the lake (St. Bartholomew, Obersee). Total bus fares for the day was €15. The next day we bought a roundtrip ticket to Obersalzberg for €7,40, went up to the Eagles' Nest, had lunch, then came down and spent the afternoon in the Dok Center. We used only local tickets and spent €5,60 per person, per day, for buses.