Salzburg or Fussen, or Both?

My husband and I have one week in Bavaria and were planning to day trip to Fussen from GP to see the castles. Based on feedback from another post, I'm now wondering if we should add a daytrip to Salzburg (from Munich) to the trip as well, or would that be redundant? If so, which is the better use of time?

Posted by Paul
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Hi Kristina, Having been to Fuessen (and the castles) twice and Salzburg many times, seeing both Fuessen and Salzburg on this trip would not be redundant at all. If you can manage, visit both towns. Try to spend an evening in Salzburg as well as during the day. Paul

Posted by Russ
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Salzburg and Füssen are vastly different places. Garmisch (which is on your itinerary in the other post) and Füssen are somewhat alike - that's where your duplication is. I'd say Salzburg is definitely worth a day - if you have one. If you have plans to hike and overnight in Garmisch, I'd probably the Füssen daytrip. The "Bavarian Evening" at the Fraundorfer Inn in Garmisch is a lot of fun, by the way. You won't see Ludwig's "castles" (which aren't really castles but palaces) but you can see Nymphenburg Palace in Munich instead; OR, stop between Munich and Salzburg at Ludwig's Herrenchiemsee Palace. It's possible to stay over in Füssen instead of Garmisch. There are places to hike there as well. But I'd probably choose Salzburg and Garmisch. If you do visit Herrenchiemsee on the way to Salzburg, definitely spend a night in Salzburg. You can't reasonably do both on a daytrip from Munich.