Salzburg Hotels - Air Conditioning

We are planning to stay 4 nights in Salzburg in the second week of June. We would like to be close in to the old city so we can walk to most things or easily pick up tours, but may also rent a car for a day or to for outlying excursions. It appears most of the hotel rooms in our price range (around 80 -100 euros a night) and/or flats available are not air conditioned. We have had a problem in the past in a Brussels hotel, w/o air conditioning when it was sufficiently cool if we kept the windows open, but the city noise may it impossible to sleep. Will it likely be cool / quiet enough at night in the inner city to have windows open, or should we try for an air-conditioned room?

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Greg do not worry , you will not need ac in Salzburg. The average high temp in August is barely 25 celcius.. and in beginning of June you will be lucky if you hit 22-23, ( just over 71 -72).It may likely be cooler.

Posted by Greg Fuller
Sausalito, CA, USA
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Thanks much. Of greater concern, I think, is city noise from having a window open at night for air. Do you have experience staying in the middle of the city?

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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To put it mildly, this has not been a warm year thus far. Here we are half way through May, and I'm sitting in my living room wearing a sweater. Unless there's a huge warm-up in the next few weeks, I doubt you will need air conditioning. The only month that we experience uncomfortable heat waves north of the Alps is usually August, and even then, the heat doesn't usually last long. If the sound of traffic with the window open keeps you awake, try this: wear a pair of noise canceling headphones turned on, but not hooked up to any device.

Posted by Greg Fuller
Sausalito, CA, USA
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Thanks Tom. Interesting idea -- although the headphones I normally carry are probably a bit big. You have reminded me to pack earplugs, however, which probably will also do the trick. Danke. Greg

Posted by karen
Atlanta, GA, US
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OK, not the neighborhood where you want, but there is a Motel One Mirabell, Elisabethkai 58-60, 5020 Salzburg, across the river toward the train station that is relatively new, nonsmoking, and air conditioned in your price range.
I plan to stay there later this summer, so I won't be able to give you feed back before your trip, but it gets good reviews for a budget hotel.