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Salzburg bright and early

In planning our trip to Europe next May, we might possibly be taking the night train from Zurich to Salzburg. It's a direct train and all which is nice, but it arrives in Salzburg at 4:20AM I believe.

Any suggestions on what we can do that early in the morning besides hanging out in the train station? The convenience of traveling overnight is great and having extra daylight hours for sightseeing, but I wonder how we'll kill time for 4-5 hours that early in the morning.

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We're both pretty good sleepers, but definitly know that sightseeing at 5am is out of the question. It's just an option for us to consider. I know there is a train (click and rail ticket) that leaves Zurich around 1:30 or so in the afternoon and and arrives around 7 if i'm not mistaken. So we may end up doing that one anyway instead.

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Michael, I have tried to leave Salzburg late at night and there isn't much to do. The benefit you have is that you're getting there early and needing to fill some time. I'd use the time to get oriented with the layout of the city. The train station is a doable walk to the main part of the city (about a mile), but often people prefer to take the bus. The bus may not be running yet, so keep that in mind.

There is a nasty internet cafe across the street from the train station that feels like it fell out of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. If you're wanting to email some people, it may be open. When you leave the train station you are on Rainerstrasse facing NW. To the left is an odd corner with Elisabethstrasse and Lessingstrasse. The internet cafe is in the general location of that intersection.

Take Rainerstrasse to the south and follow the bus stop signs to get to the main part of town.

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I'd agree that you should try to arrive in mid to late afternoon. You can drop your bags at a hotel (there is a nice one about 2 blocks from the station as you walk towards old town)and do a nice walk around town. We just got back and loved eating at a resturant called Zepher (after the Beer) in old town- good quality and reasonalbe prices. If you do go with the early train- consider stopping at the day trip booth across from Mirabell Gardens. They have trips leaving as early at 8:30. You could do a 1/2 day trip to the lakes or the salt mines and then return.

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Hi Michael,

Although I don't have any tips for how to kill time that early, I would suggest that you find time to visit the fortress at some point. The views are so amazing-the city of Salzburg on one side, the gorgeous mountains on the other. One of my favorite memories of all time!