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ryanair to

Yes, I got fooled by the phony flight to Barcelona that actually goes to Girona. Has anyone done this trip and can you help me navigate the steps. I understand there's a bus that comes into Barcelona. Do you buy a round-trip ticket for the Girona/Barcelona journey and then use it a few days later when you go back? How long is the trip, really? Is it a remotely nice ride? I think I blew it.

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yeah, i've already found the bus i need to take, and how to get where i'm going from the bus station. i just need a little help with the specifics. thanks, though.

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It's common to make these "oops" with small carriers. Ryanaair and easyjet, etc. fly into small regional airports NEAR big cities. For example, I need to fly from Paris to Rome. Easyjet flies out of Orly, but Ryannair flies out of Beauvais. Orly is much easier to get to than Beauvais so even though Ryannair is cheaper, easyjet was a better deal for me.

The good news for you is that LOTS of people will be going from Barcelona to Girona to fly out on those airlines. You can to check to see what transportation is already set up. Perhaps there is a regional train/metro/bus that makes runs between the two. Do not look for private transportation as your first option.

I'm sorry that I don't know the specifics about your region - I just wanted to let you know that it is probably not as dire as your are feeling right now.