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Rue Cler Hotels accepting pets

Does anyone know of hotels in the Rue Cler area/vicinity that accept pets?

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Check with the hotel, but I always see people with dogs in the hotels. French people love their doggies. They even bring them into restaurants with them and nobody seems to mind. I've heard that the City of Paris is trying to train its citizens to carry poop bags and clean up after their dogs. Doesn't seem to be going over very well. Watch your step.

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Thanks, Sam. It is what I expected; unless they specifically state in their listing that they do not accept pets, they probably do (to a point and size).

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I would not assume a priori that a given hotel allows pets. Usually if they do, it states so explicitly on the website and you often need to pay a small surcharge. That being said, I would be very surprised if you could not find a pet-friendly hotel around Rue Cler. I've never had trouble elsewhere in France finding a hotel that permits us to bring our dog along.

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Actually since the Rue Cler hotels now seem to cater to primarily Americans I would not be surprised that some that may have accepted pets before no longer do.. so I would not assume but be sure to double check. I also suggest you be open to other areas.. there are better ones then Rue Cler.. my opinion on that area is "ricky does not put his money where his mouth is " because on the one RS tour I took we did not stay anywhere near the area, and my friend took a RS tour the next year and also did not stay anywhere near it.. RS knows there are many other great areas.. and so do many repeat visitors to Paris.