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Route and Attractions suggestions for 2 weeks in Europe

Good day!! I need your help in suggesting a possible route to take on my 2 weeks stay in Europe. I've just bought my return tickets for arriving in Belgium on the 1st August and leaving Belguim on the 14th of August. I'm a South African woman and will be travelling to Europe for the first time and so need all the help i can get to plan my stay there. The reason i booked a return flight to Belguim is because i will be attending a friends wedding on the 3rd of August and it was cheaper for me to leave from Belgium as well. I'm in my late 20's and so would appreciate it if you could suggest a more fun than educational route for me to travel ( that i can do in my retirement lol). I believe that in summer it is also festival times in Europe and so would appreciate it if you could recommand some good ones to attend. I was hoping i could Visit Amterdam even if it's for a day since its close Belgium (is a day visit possible between the 2 countries?), i was also hoping to spend a few days in France and a few in Spain but am worried if it would be possible since i have to fly back home from Belguim again. Your help and suggestions would be greately appreciated. Looking forward to your responses :) Kindest regards, Siyanda!!

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