Rothenburg to Cesky Krumlov - Lake Bled in March?

Haven't seen a lot of central Europe, but planning a trip for next March and would appreciate any advice or thoughts. Flying into Frankfurt and heading to Rothenburg for the first night. Would really like to go to Cesky Krumlov next but we are not renting a car, and the train apparently goes in a very round-about way to get there. Anyone know of a bus from Rothenburg to Cesky Krumlov?
I suppose we could go to Prague and then on to CK from there, but not sure we have time for Prague, and it is also a long train ride from Rothenburg. So IF we got to CK we would like to spend a night and then on to Salzburg, Hallstat, then down to Lake Bled in Slovenia (is this worthwhile in March?), then Venice. From Venice we will go to Verona, then take the train to Munich. Would appreciate any suggestions!

Posted by Randy
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From Rothenburg, you could get yourself to Munich. There are 2-3 different van-shuttle services based in Cesky Krumlov that take visitors to/from various nearby transit hubs. I think Munich is one of them. You can just do a Google search for "Cesky Krumlov Shuttle Munich" and see what comes up. Or if you send me a PM, I'll take the time to try to look it up for you. In 2010 we took a shuttle (basically just a guy with a van) from CK to Linz, Austria, where we caught the train to Munich. I suppose you could do the same in reverse as well. But I think there was a more expensive option to be driven to Munich. But you are correct that getting to CK by train is a pain. We got there by (very nice and cheap) "Student Agency" bus from Prague. But I think all their routes go through Prague. Good Luck!