I want to visit the Rothenburg that Rick visits, but I am so confused. When I search Rothenburg I keep coming up with a Rothenburg on the Poland border and Rothenburg ob der Tauber west of Nuremberg . Can anyone tell me which is "Rick's" Rothenburg. Also can anyone tell me about train travel from Frankfurt to Rothenburg?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Holly, As the previous reply mentioned, the town you're looking for is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Are you planning to travel by train from Frankfurt airport? If so, that's a relatively easy trip (I travelled that exact route a few years ago). On that route, you'll likely have train changes at Wurzburg and Steinach (the latter is inevitable as Rothenburg is on a "spur line"). The station is somewhat outside the walls of the "old city", so you can either walk or take a Taxi (which is what I did, as it's an easier option when hauling a Backpack). Be sure to take the Night Watchman's tour - it's very entertaining! Happy travels!

Posted by Brad
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Along the line of what Ken said. The only trains that stop at Rothenburg odt are the regional bahn (local trains). None of the faster trains will stop there. If you look at a schedule and a train doesn't stop there, that's why. When you get off the train you have a good ten minute walk to the gate of the old city and a few more minutes to the central square. It's such a small train station, really just a platform, I'm not sure you can count on taxis when you get off the train. I don't recall seeing any, but I didn't really look - just started walking.

Posted by JB
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Very nice walk from the train station to the central area of the town. I was 64.....5"1-2 with day back pack stuffed full and Rick Steves' 22" Roll Aboard stuffed and did just fine. If I could do it anyone can do it. Enjoy!!

Posted by Denise
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Here's the DBahn website for searching trains. Remember your destination is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I like to take a copy of the train schedules with me. Makes it easier to purchase the ticket. When looking at the schedule online, I will also click on the arrows on the left side which then lists the stops along the way or if/when I need to change trains. Click it twice and you have a complete schedule. Having this schedule in hand allows me to get ready for my stop. Have a great trip!

Posted by Duane
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It's Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I am sitting in room at the "Pension Elke" as I type on my kindle fire. Rothenburg is everything Rick describes and more! The Night Watchman's tour is a definite must. There is one every night in English at 2000 hrs at the market square. Train travel is exactly as described by everyone else. No direct trains, but just a change or two depending on which direction you are coming from - not a big deal. It's all part of the experience. Enjoy your trip (we are) Duane