Roissybus or Taxi?

I'm leaving for Paris in about 4 weeks, and am working out all the minutia...Now, I'm wondering about the best way to get into the city. I'll be traveling alone, and I'll be staying with a friend in the 17th. She said her apartment is on line 13 (Guy Moquet station) and also has a direct bus for St Lazare and Opera. I was planning on taking a taxi because I know I'll be jet-lagged and tired. But, since she said it's so accessible to the Opera, I wondered if the Roissybus would be the better choice. I'm mainly concerned about pickpockets since I'll be alone, and that's why I'm skipping the RER, even though I'm familiar with the Paris metro system. I'll be traveling light (carry on roller suitcase and a messenger-style camera bag), but still worry about how tired I'll be, since I don't sleep well on planes. Are pickpockets a problem on the Roissybus? Which would you use, taxi or Roissybus?

Posted by Nancy
Dallas, TX, USA
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I'd take the Roissybus (have done it before and prefer it to the RER). No extra worry about pickpockets other than common sense. Wouldn't be nervous at all being a sole traveler. When you get to the Opera Station, you can decide whether to use the metro or take a cab on to your friend's apartment.

Posted by Grier
Carmel, IN
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I agree with Nancy. I prefer the Roissy bus too. Pickpockets are not a problem on the bus.

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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I concur with both previous posters. Just be sure you have coins in euro's available.

Posted by Michael
Griffith, IN, USA
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Sit in the last row with your back up against the seat. I hear there is a large group of pickpockets immigrating from the United States.

Posted by Becca
Provo, UT
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Thanks for the quick replies, everyone! I'll do the Roissybus, and save 40 euros or so to do something fun. :)

Posted by Theresa
Dallas, TX, USA
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Not sure if anyone is still reading this post, but my experience with the bus was quite good, and we will be using it again in November. That said, be wary when you first exit the bus at the Opera station as our essential first experience in Paris was witnessing a woman being accosted by a mother and her teen daughter as they tried to rip her hangbag from her. It was an Asian group of tourist who had just exited the bus, and then the mother started hitting the daughter when they were unsuccessful in taking the bag. Quite a shocking site. I can see why it would be a nice target area though since weary travelers are exiting the bus with all their gear and, often times, are unsure as to where they should head for the hotel/train, etc. Just be cautious when you exit, and you will be fine! Enjoy!

Posted by Bets
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Becca, The beauty is that you can decide when you arrive. We took the Roissy bus last summer because it was walking distance to the apartment we were renting. (BTW, the streets were calm when we got off the bus at 8 a.m., no robbers, no tourists, just people going to work.) We took the RER the year before. Another time we took a taxi. Just see how you feel when you get there. However, Guy Moquet is pretty far from the Opera. @Teresa, That is incredibly shocking to see. Asians have been specifically targeted for theft in Paris this last year, to the point that there have been diplomatic repercussions. They are believed, by thieves, to be carrying large amounts of cash.

Posted by Becca
Provo, UT
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Thanks, Bets! It's nice to hear that your experience at Opera was so much better than Theresa's (sorry to hear that awful story!). I agree it's nice to be able to change your mind when you're there, depending on your mood...but I like to have a plan at least. And her neighborhood is quite accessible from Opera by bus, specifically line 66. When she described her neighborhood and the accessibility, she mentioned it was a short bus ride away from the Opera, and that's why I initially looked into Roissybus. FWIW, she says she usually takes the RER...but I still think I'm leaning toward Roissybus. :) Thanks, all! I'm taking off in just under 2 weeks and I am so excited!

Posted by Val
Long Beach, USA
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I tend to use the train as much as possible in Europe because it is usually convenient and affordable...and there are not many trains in California where I live. It is part of the experience for me. I have not taken the bus you are mentioning so of course if your friends says it is could be a good option. But I just felt I had to reply...It has been said many times on here but...I think pickpockets can be everywhere...But I often travel alone and have been to many countries in Europe. I feel safe at home in California...but probably safer in Europe (most places). and you should not worry too much about that. I would just say be careful and pay attention to your not carry valuables and show them off...typical common sense. Just learn a few French words and...Have a wonderful trip! Bon voyage!!!