Roissy Bus and Taxi

Hi, Right now I'm planning for the two of us to take the Roissy bus from CDG to the Opera stop. According to the web site - Opéra (Corner of rue Scribe and rue Auber). We will just have carry on luggage (two rollers and a backpack). My current plan is to walk from that stop to our hotel (Park Hyatt) but if the weather is nasty how hard would it be to get a taxi? Also, for such a short ride would the taxi driver be upset/annoyed? I only ask because years ago I had a bad experience with a cab in the US (wasn't really our fault since the hotel doorman didn't tell us how short the ride would be, we would have walked) complaining about a short ride and have always been a bit gun shy on using a cab for short trips. And for those curious, no, I'm not paying $$$ for the rooms, if I was I would be using a car service,etc. Just using some points accumulated over the years. Thanks.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Not sure how short journey is, but yes, some taxis will not want to take you if its like 2-3 blocks..

Posted by Ed
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Which it is. You'll spend more time in the rain listening to the taxi guy telling you to buzz off than it'd take you to hoof it.