River cruise from Avignon

I heard that there is a river cruise from Avignon to Arles (and back), Has anyone been on this cruise? If so, how much is it?; How do you book? Also, how long does it take? We are planning on being there at the end of September, perhaps it is shut down then? I also want to know if is is logistically possible if we are staying in St. Remy.
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Posted by Southam
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The tourism office in Avignon is frequently a good source for information and help. http://www.avignon-tourisme.com/home-1-2.html It does have information on river excursions although I didn't research far enough to see if there is a trip to Arles.
For curiousity's sake, there is a small boat that shuttles from below the Palais des Papes to the isle Barthelasse for free. You can complete the circuit with a leisurely stroll to the island bridge, with excellent views of the walled city all the way.

Posted by David
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Thank you all for the advice. Has anyone taken this river cruise between Avignon and Arles? Is it worth it? Do the times allow you to drive up and back from St. Remy?

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This is a new discovery for most of us, as witnessed by Southam's thanks to Nancy. (Mine too, Nancy) So we are waiting for you to take it and send us a trip report. Please let us know. It looks like a winner.