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Riots after the election in Paris?

I just read an article about riots because some people are unhappy with the election results. It said that over 700 cars were set on fire. Does anyone have any news on that? I'm leaving for Paris on Wednesday of this week. Hopefully any unrest will be over by then.

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Stay on top of what is happening through the Times of London website
Keep CNN news going in yout hotel, stay away from the hot spots. I think you will be able to. Paris is #1 tourist city in the world, I don't think they want to jeopardize this.
There was rioting last night. French people take to the streets often in protest, and it sadly often turns violent. I hope that since 85% of the people voted and the election was decisive, they will calm down soon and get on with it.

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There was a second night of rioting and probably tonite will be a third one. But as far as the French media is portraying the situation those riots only take place in areas where tourists never go anyway - the low profile suburbs. If I was traveling France at the moment I wouldn't worry. I'd just avoid those areas that common sense tells you to avoid anyways at night.