Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and eTickets

Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase an eTicket in advance now for an upcoming trip in May after the Rijksmuseum reopens? I have looked on the museum's website and cannot seem to find any link that will let me order a ticket online now. Normally, I would not purchase a ticket until I was there, but with the grand reopening taking place in mid April, I would like to make sure that I can get a ticket for the date I want as I hear there could be a high demand with many tourists and locals wanting to see the new building. I also understand eTicket holders can use the fast lane to get in quicker while museumkaart holders have to wait. Thank you for any information you can provide about a specific link to purchase an eTicket.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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According to the FAQ at the Rijks website, online ticket sales will being sometime in mid-March. So it should be any day now you can purchase e tickets. Just keep checking the site.

Posted by gone
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hi, if youre going to see other things, you may want to look at the IAMSTERDAM card or variations. iirc, one of them is good for a year and in other places in the Neatherlands. happy trails.

Posted by Lo
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According to the Lonely Planet's Amsterdam city guide, you can get fast access to museums with the Museumkaart but not with the IAmsterdam card. That's a relief for me since I was planning to buy a Museumkaart for me and my husband. This website (http://www.amsterdam.info/museums/museumkaart/) also says that the IAmsterdam card does not cover the Rijksmuseum (way down at the bottom of the page). Please note that a Google search produced confusing responses about this topic. Many people said getting in the fast lane depends on the museum. And you will still have to go through security almost everywhere. No one gets to skip that line. Based on an email exchange with the Museumkaart folks, as well as their website which has no English option, foreigners like us have to buy the Museumkaart at a participating museum. Only people living in the Netherlands can get it online. Be sure to go to the link I listed and click on the Rijksmuseum for more info. This little tidbit is somewhat lost in the info: Since January 1, 2013 it is not possible to buy the tickets to the Rijksmuseum on-line.

Posted by Denny
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Is there a real advantage to buying Rijksmuseum tix online? I think I understand they are currently for sale, and are not date specific. We will be in Amsterdam several days. Thanks.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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The only advantage is that you get to skip the ticket line. There will still be a line to get through security. But with the new improved main building opening, it may not even be an issue.