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Rhine tour vs Romantic Road

We have 4 days left from Munich to Frankfurt, how should our time best be spent? We were considering an overnight in Rothenburg and then overnight in Bacharach with the Rhine Tour following. Any suggestions?

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I think Rothenburg is worth a full day. You might consider two nights there. However, since your ultimate destination is Frankfurt, I would then head for the Rhein. Including the Mosel, there is plenty to see there; you could easily spend 3 or 4 nights. The Romantic Road is over-rated and doing it would only put you farther away from Frankfurt.

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I'd spend 1 night in Rothenburg and leave there late the next day to the Rhine and Mosel. You can get a very good overview and feel for Rothenburg in 5 hours or so of sightseeing in my opinion. They are FAB!

I assume you are going to Bavaria from Munich, right?

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I have done both. I have always spent one night in Rburg. This time we are spending two. I haven't been on the night tour yet and will do that. For something different try the oriental restaurant Rick suggests. We were ready for a change and it was really good. We also found a pub downstairs in a hotel that made us feel it was 300 years previous.
We spent one night in Bachrach and stayed in the hotel Rick suggests by the rail road. I had a back room and it was good. My daughters had a front one and couldn't sleep even with earplugs. Had a great time in the restaurant.
Also staying at Castle Harburg on the romantic road. The price is right and it was great. Had my first experience with dogs in the dining room there. No problem, they were socialized.