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Restaurants in Lisbon + Wine Recommendation

Any suggestions of good and moderately-priced restaurants in Lisbon. Any particular food to order? What kind of wine is the specialty there? Thank you!

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Vinho verdi is one Portuguese favourite, literally "green" or "young" wine. It comes in three colours; I drink the white. It is tart, low-alcohol (relatively) and slightly effervescent. It resembles the whites of Alsace in France. It probably will come in a bottle with a cork since Portugal produces cork and is trying to resist the move to bottle caps.
The traditional cheap wine is Mateus rose, an inoffensive product sold by the tanker-load.
For your after-dinner drink you can explore the famous ports which originate around the city of Porto.

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Vihno Verdi is an excellent wine and perhaps not like anything you've tried. The above description is spot on. Portuguese red wines can also be very good; most are from the Douro valley.

The two roast chicken places (Bonjardim) off of Rua das Portas de Santo Antao are excellent and very affordable. If you like a little spicy, you must try the piri piri sauce on the chicken. And vihno verdi is the perfect complement with the chicken.

Portugal is best known for its seafood and they have a versions of Spanish paella and French bouillabaisse. Grilled sardines, clams and mussels are also very common. They also have great pastries. The best are the pastel de Belem found in Belem. There is a large and good pastry shop off Praca Rossio.

Port wine is worth a taste and if you like it, well worth many tastings. The best place in Lisbon is the tasting room at the top of the Gloria incline. They will help you select a port to try and it's pretty cheap for most samples.