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It's finally here! Some regulars know that I broke my leg last April while into the first week of a 2 week long trip to Central Europe and had to come home. The remaining portion was rescheduled for this Friday, and I can't wait! It's 3 days in Munich, of which I saw the Hbf, the hotel, and the Flughafen last time, and 5 days in Berlin, which I've visited before. Do any of you wonderful travelers have suggestions for myself and my boyfriend (a Europe virgin) for our 3 days in Munich? We were thinking BMW Welt and Deutsches Museum, but we are also (me more than him!) big beer aficionados and ethnic food lovers. One of the days we will be there is next Monday, when lots of places are closed. Here's to no more casts and hardware!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Emily, It's wonderful to hear that you're now able to now get back to Europe! Regarding things to do in Munich and Berlin, you might check your local Library to see if you can find a copy of the Germany Guidebook. I was back in Munich last fall, so it's still somewhat "fresh" in my memory. Here's a few thoughts..... > Deutsches Museum - plan for at least four hours, as it's enormous! There are about 16 kM of exhibits, so LOTS to see. There are also two satellite museums outside of Munich, the Museum of Transport and the Air Museum. I haven't been to the Transport Museum yet. The Air Museum (back towards the airport) is small but nicely organized with some interesting exhibits. > Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau - if you haven't seen the Castles, they're worth a day trip. You can either make the reservations on your own, or go with a day trip with Radius Tours. > Walking Tours - there are a variety available, including history or Third Reich sites. Check Radius Tours website (they also have a "Food & Beer" tour) > Dachau - if you're interested in the history (again, you can go on your own or with a day tour) > Beer - of course a visit to the Hofbrauhaus will be essential. The big room on the top floor often has some good performances as well as food & beer. There was a restaurant right in Marienplatz that had great Wheat Beer, but I'd have to check my notes (might have been Weisses Brauhaus?). > Food - one of my favourite restaurants in Munich is Opatija, which is not far from the Hofbrauhaus. I'd suggest the smaller portions, as the full size portions are an effort even for me. Hope you have a great time! Happy travels!

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I will second the Hofbrauhaus. We ended up sitting across from a Mexican soap opera director. He was in Europe to release "what is it you Americans call it...stress" from his tiring filming season. My husband and mother enjoyed the Deutches museum while I went to the Wittelsbach's Residenz museum which I really enjoyed. We liked the Alte- more than the Neue- art museum. They are right across the street from one another.

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The Hofbrauhaus can be fun, but it's also extremely touristy. For a more authentic experience, go to Zum Augustiner in the Neuhauserstrasse, about a 5 minute walk from Marienplatz towards the Karlstor. Augustiner is both the oldest and the most popular of Munich's beer for locals. Franziskaner by Max-Joseph-Platz, about a 3 minute walk north of Marienplatz, is also nice.

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If the weather is decent (or even if not, there's an indoor restaurant) you might want to go to the Augustiner Keller. They've been brewing beer in Munich since 1328. My husband and I liked it better than the Hofbrauhaus. The linked website is in German, but the pictures and video tell the story just fine.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. We are looking forward to this weekend!