RER to 36 Rue Dauphine Paris

Everyone has been so nice here in answering I thought I might get directions from CDG taking the RER to our hotel on 36 Rue Dauphine,Paris. Which RER do we take..B? Then do we have to transfer to a Metro?Thank you so much.

Posted by Dawn
Denver, CO
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Hi Ellen, I've found this route planner invaluable when trying to figure out how to get around in Paris. It's fun to play around with. In the "from" box I entered Charles de Gaulle airport and in the "to" box 36 Rue Dauphine Paris. It looks like the quickest way is to take RER B from CDG and get off at the Saint-Michel Notre Dame stop. From there it is an 8 minute walk to your hotel. (click on "show the detail of the route") to get these specifics. Hope this helps!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Ellen what is name of hotel, not sure why you didn't post that , we aren't going to track you down, lol
First off from the RER B stop at St Michel you could likely just walk to hotel, which is what I would do ,since I assume you are staying at or very near to the Hotel Aubusson , which is like just up from the Seine, so dead easy to find. Just get out of St Michels and walk along Siene, on sidewalk to Rue Dauphine , your address can't be more then 1/4 ot 1/2 a block up from river ( since numbers start at river and go up farther from river) Great location btw .

Posted by Sam
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If you are arriving on the weekend soon, they are doing track work during the weekends and you may need to take a short shuttle bus to a station nearby. That was the case last Saturday, but I can't find anything at the moment on the RATP website.