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Renting an apartment in Paris instead of getting a hotel.

I am JUUUUST starting my research on this. We are going back to Paris and I think this time we will go the apartment rental route. I have heard only good things about apartment rentals versus hotels. I would appreaciate any suggestions or leads.

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Simone - We used the US based Vacation in Paris and were very satisfied with our experience.

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There are zillions of threads about this already on this board. Naivgate to the "Tips and Tricks" on this helpline, and follow the directions for an advanced google search. You will be amazed with what you find!

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I have used VRBO for many trips and have always been pleased. When we went to paris the one I liked was already booked but it was through Parisperfect and they found me a similar one which was wonderful. Have a great trip.

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Simone, An apartment can be a great way to go in Paris. We've used and to find apartments there. Both let you search by Arrondissement; we think HomeAway is a little easier to use. Many accept Paypal for the deposit. In case you didn't know, you can send euros and many other currencies with Paypal- they make an automatic conversion which you can see and approve before you send the money. Here's where we're staying next May: This is also a good one: These are both 2 bedroom apartments. Good hunting,

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I'm a fan of airbnb and feelslikehomeinparis websites. I travel a great deal and often stay in an apartment. Good choice! For simplicity try to find something close to public transportation.
Have a wonderful return visit to the City of Light!

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Common mistake in the reference to Paris that Steve gave. It's the "City of Light." Enlightenment, not illumination...

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We had great success using VRBO to stay in Paris. Consider two things that may or may not matter to you --when renting an apartment you will not have a concierge or hotel staff for advice and recommendations--probably not a problem on a return trip --If you enjoy watching English language news or other TV be prepared for your rented apartment, unlike a hotel, to not have any such stations--and maybe not WiFi or internet connections either--these things sometimes bother teenaged travelelrs more than you would expect

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I've looked at apartments for two people for a week or less and it doesn't seem to save any money unless you are happy to stay in a studio with a fold out bed. I have personally not stayed in a Paris apartment rental. I think that when multiple hotel rooms are required the 2 and 3 bedroom apartments can save a significant amount of money over hotel rooms. Part of the economics, of course, involves use of the apartment's kitchen. If you are going to do a lot of your meals there, it would change the dynamics. I can't see my wife being happy about going to Paris so she could cook in a dinky kitchen.

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Thanks everyone! Lots of good leads... Based on what I have seen and read and looked up so far, I don't think we would really save a bundle after all doing the apartment thing. There is such a wide variety of options for both, and because we are only 2 - I think it works out to the same in the end (because we won't really be using the kitchen aside from breakfast). I do see however, how a family or couples travelling together can really get a great deal! Thanks again for all the tips. Happy Travels!

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We just returned from France after 10 days in Paris and 10 days in Vence near Nice. We had apartments in each city.
We used Locaflats in Paris. After review of prices we decided to go mid class and took a two bedroom with bath on rue Dauphine. I would rate the apartment a C-. A small bedroom was taken up by one large matress. The dryer on the washing machine did not work. There were no dressers or other storage units except one large hanging clothes closet. Noteworthy there was a large plug in with a green light in the wall. I've seen similar devices in the US and they are used to prevent mice and or rats. We hit a downturn when the electricity went out over the weekend. It was not possible to contact the owner. My wife needs a nebulizaer for asthma and we had a minor crisis on our hands. I think that the idea of saving money by eating in is good, only so far as you need to be able to find a grocery store near by which was difficult for us. All said and done, I would hesitate about another apartment and would pick a hotel where there was someone about in case a problem develops. Vence was a different story. Smaller town, cheaper, better quarters.

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Hello Simone, I have done both and my personal preference is to get a hotel room. The apartment was ok but the rental failed to mention that after 10 pm is considered quiet time. They also did not mention that the washer/dryer combo would take about 4-5 hours to do a load of laundry. Just what I want to do on vacation. Wait for a washer. I do understand the need to save money though. You can save money by getting some of your meals from a local hypermarket. Returning the keys through the mail was a bit of a hassle too.

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We have used iloveparisapartments and vacationinparis, both with satisfaction. Both show location of apts on maps so you can get an idea of the locale. Some apts have separate washers and dryers so as to avoid the interminably long time it takes to do laundry in the combo unit.
We look for buildings with elevators and apts that look out onto a courtyard which helps ensure a quiet night's rest.

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Our party rented two apartments in Berlin this summer and the water went out on one for a day or so (they were doing work on the pipes and didn't bother to tell anyone). That being said, we prefer apartments if only because they let us feel more like a local. They may have an increased hassle factor and you may have a few unpleasant surprises, but how happy you'll be with the choice depends a lot upon your attitude. Do not do it just for the cost savings, though. It usually is cheaper, but I think folks who go that way and hit a glitch are more likely to be disappointed than those who primarily do it for other reasons. Of course, I was staying in the apartment that didn't lose all its water, so that may have affected my opinion.

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See my comments today on Paris Apartments. Bon Voyage!

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We stayed for three weeks at a lovely apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine (an upscale neighborhood on the western edge of the 16th Arrondisement). It worked out great. We ate breakfast there, grabbed Velib bikes outside our front door and lived like a local. We exchanged homes using

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I have rented apartments in many places, including twice in Paris. I just returned from there a week ago. Both places are listed at and both are in the Latin Quarter (5th arr.). My first experience was outstanding. The second place, not so much. As a matter of fact, the place I just stayed in is the only place I have stayed that I was not happy with. I highly recommend an apartment for the following reasons - more room than a hotel, having a kitchen, you can get a place with a washer, most have wifi, some have telephones. I can give you a good recommendation if you want to PM me.

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We rented an apartment through Alcove & Agapes. It was quite large and our host brought us coffee and fresh croissants every morning. The building was quite secure, and our host anticipated our every need and was most helpful in her suggestions and information. This company has a great variety of apartments for rent in various parts of the city and at different price points. I highly recommend Alcove & Agapes. We nixed the idea of staying in a hotel when we started reading hotel reviews on where there were a lot that had very bad reviews and many reports of bed bugs.

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Re: Common mistake in the reference to Paris that Steve gave. It's the "City of Light." Enlightenment, not illumination... I read that it WAS about illumination. Refers to the gas lamps that were installed in Paris - the first city in Europe to have them. Used to be dark and dangerous - rich people would have personal guards to protect them when they went out at night. Sorry to have gone off topic.