Rental Car from Lindau to Munich Germany

6 of us are traveling from Lindau Germany to Munich via Neuschwanstein. We want to rent a car in Lindau then drive to Neuschwanstein in the morning for the two tours then drive to Andechs Monsastery for Lunch, then on to Munich to do Mike's Bike Tours by 5PM. My questions are as follow: 1.Has anyone had success with a good rental car company in Germany that would allow us rent in Lindau at our hotel then drop off our van at our hotel in downtown Munich (near the Hofbrauhaus), with the company picking up the car? 2. We are doing this during Oktoberfest, Is this realistic during this time? 3. Per Mapquest the time from Lindau to Fussen is 1:18. The drive from Neuschwanstein to Munich is 1:30 (Andechs is on the route), Is this time frame correct? 4. Do I need a speical driver's license or permit to drive in Germany? Thanks

Posted by Dan
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Why would you want to do this? Just take public transportation or rent near Lindau and drop off at a rental car agency near the Hofbraeuhaus. They are all over Munich and it is easy to get back to the Altstadt via public transport from the Avis, Hertz, etc. The Hauptbahnhof (main train station) has dropoff locations for all the companies. In fact if you took public transport from Lindau to Munich you would end up in the main station and can easily get from there to the Hofbraeuhaus area using the subways (S-bahn).

Posted by Lee
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"We want to rent a car in Lindau then drive to Neuschwanstein in the morning for the two tours then drive to Andechs Monsastery for Lunch" You've got to be kidding. Check list travel. "Hey Maud, that's Neuschwanstein. Quick. Get a picture. We've got to head for Andechs." By the way, the only route I would consider from Lindau to Füssen is through Sonthofen, Bad Hindelang, and Oberjoch. That's the real scenic route. The climb up the switchbacks out of Bad Hindelang is spectacular. Anything else is just countryside.

Posted by Nigel
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I slightly disagree with the above - unlikely that Lee and I disagree but it had to happen - Get an early start in Lindau, 90 minutes to the carpark at Neuschwanstein, get in when they open, a couple of hours there, and, yes, lunch at Andechs. No probs. The bigger problem is how big a van you will need for 6 folks, and all the luggage that goes with the 6 folk. European minivans - peoplemovers - have a tiny place for luggage behind the back row. And when you do stop at Andechs, make sure you have sober drivers. Germany take a VERY dim view of drinking and driving.

Posted by Andreas
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The best car rental company with fair delivey and hotel pick-up fees is We use them for business as well and sometimes they do have to pick up the car in a village in the middle of nowhere and because they have a station almost in every town it's always cheaper for us to having them pick up the car than to drop it off at their station in the next bigger town and take a cab back.

Posted by Lee
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I guess I have to disagree slightly with the above. Unless lunch is defined as a meal before 6 Pm (dinner). The ticket kiosk opens at 8 AM, but I think the first tours at either castle (in some language) are at 9 AM (at least if you reserve, they ask you to pick up the tour tickets one hour before the tour time and if the ticket kiosk doesn't open until 8 ... So, if you start exactly at 9 with Hohenschwangau (per the Königsticket), and the tour takes 35 min, and they say the time to get to Neuschwanstein is 40 min, the tour at Neuschwanstein, in English, can't start before 10:15. That tour takes 35 min, so it is 10:50 when you get out of the Neuschwanstein tour. You're still at the top and it's 30 min to the bottom, so you get back to your car at 11:20. That's 3h20m after you arrived at the kiosk, not a couple of hours, and that is if all the tours start exactly after your expected arrival time - probably doesn't happen. According to ViaMichelin, the fastest route from Hohenschwangau to Andechs takes 1h23 min, so you're getting to the bottom of the hill at Andechs at 12:45 at the earliest. That's providing that everything (tour time, your walking, car travel delays) falls into place exactly. By the way, in mid-Okt, 2007, I started lunch at Andechs a little before noon. I got a bier, a piece of pork, and a pretzel and sat down at a table to eat it, with my back to the counter. When I finished everything, I decided to have another bier. I turned around and looked, and the line was out the door. I forgot about the second bier and went down and found the bus back to Herrsching and then to Munich. Moral, get to Andechs before noon.