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Rental car agencies opened on weekends in Bayeux?

Just trying to put together an itineary and just realized that we will be in Bayeux, France on a weekend. Are the car rental agencies opened on Saturdays and/or Sundays? Or am I better off renting a car in Paris Saturday morning and dropping off on Monday?


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Yes, but:

The only place in Bayeux is the Hertz joint in a gas station way out on the northwest side of town.

There's several places in Caen just out the door of the train station.

You can drive from Caen to Bayeux in a half hour.

Sometimes I can drive from Paris to Bayeux faster than the train can make it.

Think about paying for a train and a car on the same day - - TWICE.

Getting and returning a car at Nord makes for pretty easy driving.

Don't count on getting an automatic just because you reserved one.

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Good suggestions from Ed (as usual). I have a few thoughts to add.....

The Hertz agency may be open on Saturdays and Sundays, depending on whether the gas station is open. I've rented there in the past and one point to note is that I found the staff didn't speak much (any?) English, so getting through the rental process was somewhat of a "leap of faith". I asked the hotel owner to make the arrangements, so I was able to get by with my limited high school French.

If you really want a car there, consider Ed's suggestions. Of course, you could also take one of the excellent D-Day tours as they provide transportation to the historic sights. You'll learn far more and have a more interesting and rewarding experience by using one of the local tour firms. They know some details that aren't in the history books, as they tour with Veterans.


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Yes, I rented from this Hertz location and no English is exactly correct. It's also a petrol station so there are LOTS of customers for the few employees to deal with. You'll wait until the petrol customers are served first. I reserved the car at a very good rate, and when we arrived into Bayeux via train I checked in with our B&B host and he actually drove me in his car to the Hertz petrol station and did all of the translating for us. He really went over and above on that one. is our B&B and Wil is the tremendously friendly son who runs the place with his mom & dad.

I don't usually recommend renting a vehicle, but in this area it's almost a must.

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Just want to confirm what the other posters have said. Renting a car in Bayeux is difficult. Renting a car in Caen is easy--there are four agencies right across the street from the train station--Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Sixt. Take the train to Caen, rent your car for the weekend, and drop it off on Monday back at Caen or at your Paris destination (if you can stand driving in Paris).