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Recommended route from Dijon to Brantome (Perigord Vert)?

I'll be driving with my parents (mid-70s) and daughter (12) from Dijon to Brantome. We plan to leave Dijon fairly early (9 or so) on a Tuesday and arrive in Brantome Wednesday afternoon. There won't be a ton of sightseeing on the way, obviously, but there will be time for a couple of stops besides meals. With that in mind, is one of the following routes nicer or more interesting than another? Each seems to have some interesting possibilities. (1) Dijon-Macon-Puy de Dome volcano (and overnight nearby)-Brantome. (2) Dijon-Montlucon (new Pop History Museum, followed by overnight stop)-Oradour sur Glane-Brantome.
(3) Dijon-Orleans or Bourges-Oradour sur Glane-Brantome. I'm leaning towards 1 or 2 because the overall drive is a half hour shorter than #3 and because it may be easier to see a discrete tourist site (the museum or the volcano) instead of a larger town/city when there really isn't much time. Any thoughts? Any other routes/roads that you'd recommend? Thanks. Jason (Of course any suggestions for restaurants/accommodations along the way are welcome too, even if we might not be able to get to them.)

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