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Realistic timing for a day in Eixampla and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

We plan on doing all of the sites in the Eixample area in one day. As I look at Rick’s Spain book I see that we can book most of the tickets on-line to avoid the lines. As most come with set times, I want to see if this time plan looks realistic. We tend to move through sites fairly quickly. We like to see everything but don’t necessarily linger too long. I know everyone is different but I’d appreciate input on time allotted for each site:

Casa Batlo – 9:00 am

La Pedrera – 10:30 a.m.

Lunch and Metro to

Sagrada Familia – 1:00

Taxi to Park Guell

Monumental Zone 3:30 (is this right inside the park entrance?)

Gaudi House Museum – 4:30


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First, I would suggest you choose between Casa Batlo and La Pedrera. They are very similar, and both very expensive to visit. My preference would be for Batlo. You should allow three hours for Sagrada Familia if you plan to go up in the towers and all. I'm not sure what the Monumental Zone is at Parc Guell, but the plaza with the mosaics is not far from the entrance.

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I second Nancy's counsel and strongly recommend you take one of the towers at Sagrada.
Are you only in Barcelona for a day?
Keep in mind there is a lot to do late at night throughout Spain.

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I'd also suggest allowing at least three hours to visit La Sagrada Familia. In addition to the time inside, you'll need to allow for time getting there and back, waiting for admission, having a look in the interesting museum below the cathedral and a trip up one of the towers (if that interests you). They're VERY precise with the reservation times, and you won't be admitted until a few minutes before your appointment time.

Happy travels!

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We'll be in Barcelona for 4 days. I've got the other three figured out but I was struggling with the timing on this one. Thanks for your response.

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Hi, Anne

I would suggest going to La Sagrade at 9:00am instead. It gets crowded real fast. If you are the type that moves through sites quickly, you may need only one hour there. Skip the tower. Just go through with the audio guide.

Then, do La Pedrera. You can do that in about 60-90 mins. We didn't rent the audio guide there.

After La Pedrera, walk down Passeig de Gracia to see Casa Batllo and the block of discord from the outside. This will take you no more than 30-40 mins. See RS Eixample Walk.

I'm going to get some disagreement from other posters about Park Guell. For me, it's not worth the trip unless you have extra time on your hand. The viaducts were no big deal. The bench is not as colorful because people have stolen the tiles and they have been replaced with plain white tiles. The tile dragon is OK but not worth going out of my way to see it. You can hardly get close to it because there are so many tourists around it taking photos. Then, most disgusting, people let their kids climb on it.

Do you have La Palau de Musica Catalana on your itinerary? If not, I would go there before Park Guell.

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I'd start at Sagrada Familia early, trying to beat the crowds. Take in Park Guell through the middle of the day, including lunch time. Then visit Casa Batlo about an hour before closing, maybe with a short walk around the Block of Discord to see the outsides of other buildings. Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlo can both get very crowded when the tour groups roll in. It's best to plan them either first thing or before closing when the tour groups have left the places relatively uncrowded.