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Re: dress code in Monte Carlo casino..

Looking at their site, there is a dress code after 8pm.. "Jacket recommended".. okaaayyy, so jacket and tie with slacks? full suit? sport coat over clean but casual shirt, stylish jeans and dress shoes? That's quite a range.. Anybody taken the 10 Euro plunge to get into the private rooms and seen what the norm is?
As for my wife, sun dress is enough? Or something with heels (barring the full formal gown? Thanks, leaving to Paris in 4 days!!

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Jacket tells me to wear slacks or suit pants, the jacket, shiny shoes, a dress shirt and a tie. I don't think that is ambiguous.

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This is the entire dress code as stated on their website: "In the gaming rooms: appropriate dress required. No shorts or flip flops allowed In the private rooms: after 8pm a jacket is required. No sport shoes allowed
No military or religious uniforms allowed" So, all you need is a jacket/sport coat. Like in North America, jacket without tie is very common in Europe in the business world etc these days. I'm willing to bet they banned jeans in the past, but again, stylish jeans are very common even in dressier settings. As for your wife, based on the above, any dress is fine, and the only footwear rule is no sneakers or flip flops.