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re-confirming hotel reservations in France

It used to be recommended as a good idea to re-confirm hotel reservations in advance of your arrival. With the advent of email, online booking, and credit-card "guaranteed" reservations, has anyone found the need to do this any more? I was wondering if anyone has run into problems recently, especially in France. Thanks!

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no problems but the odd thing was the last trip we took to europe we booked everything through our home email.
the hotel in paris tried to do a pre auth the day before we arrived.
Our CC was declined (and there was no reason for it as there was lots of room, the CC company was informed of charges)
They tried to contact us before through our home email but we did not have access to it and to be honest I rarely use email while traveling.

When we arrived we were told that if we were two hours later they would have not have guaranteed our room on arrival.
The next day we were in the lobby and another couple were having the same issues but with them the hotel was booked and they had let there room go....

so I am now always reconfirming and plan to do so a week or two before we leave.

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In my lst 6 yrs of european travel I always reconfirm 1.5 weeks before my traveling starts. It is espec good with smaller hotels or B&B's. Imagine if you were a B&B owner with reserv by email 3 months or more ahead of lodging date, wouldn't you like a reconfirm? anyway all has always gone well this way.Last yr in France the only ones I did not reconfirm were the big hotel chains which I bookes online w/ cc.

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I generally try to recomfirm by email right before we leave home (though in some cases that will be several weeks before arrival)and, if possible, by phone or email enroute. I have had problems with language difficulties over the phone, though, when they thought I wanted a new reservation. A couple of years ago I confirmed the night before with a hotel near Frankfurt airport for an overnight between flights. I was glad I did as they were turning people away (including us until I reminded them of the confirmation).

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Whenever I travel, I always confirm reservations even though I obtain a reservation confirmation number at the time of my booking. Recently returned from Paris. No problems.

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Make sure to call ahead of time and read all fine print. We are Alaskans living over here in Germany now for the past 3 years. Many small B & B's will charge you if you cancel so many days in advanced. So make sure to read the fine print, or get travel's insurance. Also, the smaller the place, the more they like having you call to let them know when you will be arriving. We love all the wonderful B&B's in Europe. Have fun on your travels!

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My in daughter and I spent 8 weeks in western Europe and the Czech Republic summer of 2005..

I set up a hotmail account...with all the links and info for our reservations...train list for friends and relatives..

I forwarded all reservations to this hotmail account....I would suggest you reconfirm all reservations.

..Internet Cafes are easy to find in Europe..

Good way to stay in touch.

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Hey, it's a good idea to re-confirm hotel reservation here in the States. As for your much anticipated trip to Europe......; Ya think?!!! Do an e-mail confirmation. Confirm your date of arrival, # of days, and price, print the reply and carry it with you. It can't hurt. I also agree with the other poster, set up a hotmail account and back up all useful info electronicly.

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We had never reconfirmed until an experience in Milan changed this habit. We had a very early flight out of Malpensa and thought we had reserved a room at Hotel Cervo(near the airport). Arrived there at 11:00 pm and they had no rooms left--lost our reservation--or so they said. After lots of angry exchanges of words they did manage to find us a room at hotel Cardona which I would highly recommend. Any overnight stay wo options should be reconfirmed.

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Also keep a copies of your reconfirmation with you.

We reconfirmed a couple of days prior to leaving the states and also reconfirmed while in Europe.