Random questions about Germany

Q1.We are taking a local flight from Munich to Berlin at 6 15 AM. How much time before the flight should we show up at the airport ? Q2. I wanted to get all the transportation tickets for our week long stay in Munich together. I wanted to know is that reasonable to get the Gesamtnetz partner day pass and the Bayern ticket together. Are they Valid from day of purchase or day of first use. Most likely its the later thats common sense but wanted to make sure!. Thank you all !

Posted by Lee
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Q1: I always allow a little over two hours time when flying from MUC, but I only have a carry-on bag, so time to get a checked bag onto the airplane is not an issue. Check in at the automated kiosk goes very quickly and security is efficient. It never takes me an hour to get to the gate. I always wait at the gate for a long time, but I'd rather not chance less time. Q2: Buying a Bayern-Ticket or a MVV Tageskarte (day ticket, any type) is very easy. Unless you need it beforehand to get from your "hotel" to the first station with a ticket automat or counter, there is no reason to get it in advance. When you purchase a Bayern-Ticket, you buy it for a specific date (the automat will ask you if you want it heute (today, morgen (tomorrow), or andere (other, then it will show you a calendar). I believe that the Tageskarte will be the same. And, BTW, there is little reason to buy both a Bayern-Ticket and a Tageskarte for the same day. The Bayern-Ticket covers all modes of transport in the Munich metro district (MVV), albeit only after 9 AM on workdays.

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Q1: AB or LH? Make sure you're aware that AB departs from T1, LH from T2. In both cases do check in either on their app or on the web the day before. Both let you check in from 24 hours prior to departure. If you've done all that it's sufficient if you are at the airport 60 minutes prior to departure. There are baggage self-drops...

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Its air Berlin. Thanks thats a good idea checking in before hand!