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Rail tickets CDG to Nimes

I am trying to get the best price on line for 2 seniors on the TGV from CDG to Nimes. I need to purchase the tickets before we leave the US. Every site I try, including TGV Europe and IDTGV, ends up at, which everyone at other postings says is the most expensive. Any suggestions?

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I would take a later train - even if it's noon. Too much chance of a late plane and/or baggage and customs lines.
I have purchased directly from SNCF with success. Try this link or just

Just say you will collect tickets in France and pick them up at the train station (be sure to bring the same credit card that you use to purchase them). If you put in your ages, it should give you the best price and it includes reservations. Also, be aware that if you request tickets for 2 people, the price is total for 2, not per person.

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If you want the best price, book early.

For example you can get Prems fares RT to Avignon now on sale at 22E per person (88E total, plus transfer to Nimes). Or you can travel first class to Nimes for 80E each way for two persons (160E total). Or you can wait till the last minute and book on either SNCF or Rail Europe and pay a whole lot more.

RailEurope is not necessarily more expensive, but they do not offer Prems or Loisir fares (neither of which care about your age).

Just be sure to select France as your country for receiving or collecting tickets or book on SNCF. If you want to print at home, but sure to deselect trip insurance option.