"Bavarian" Christmas - appreciate comments on our itinerary.

Extended family of 9. Ages 5-65. General concept is "A Bavarian Christmas." Day 0. Lv USA. Sleep on plane Day 1. Av Munich. Sleep Munich Day 2. Munich. Sleep Munich Day 3. Munich. Sleep Munich Day 4. Munich. Sleep Munich Day 5. Munich to Bad Gastein. Sleep Bad Gastein Day 6. Bad Gastein-ski. Sleep Bad Gastein Day 7. Bad Gastein-ski. CHRISTMAS EVE. Sleep Bad Gastein Day 8. Bad Gastein-ski. CHRISTMAS DAY. Seep Bad Gastein Day 9. Bad Gastein-ski. To Salzburg in PM. Sleep Salzburg. Day 10. Salzburg. Sleep Salzburg. Day 11. Salzburg. Sleep Salzburg. Day 12. Salzburg. To Fussen in PM. Sleep Fussen Day 13. Fussen. Castles. Sleep Fussen. Day 14. Fussen to Munich. NEW YEARS EVE
Day 15. NEW YEARS DAY. Fly Home, or some/all of us could extend a few days for cheaper airfare. Suggestions on what to do in that case? I realize this may be ambitious, but we're good travelers. Primary concerns are: Seeing Christmas markets and high-culture (thus Munich at beginning). Winter sports, as well as having something to do Dec 24-26 (Bad Gastein). Smaller town experience (Salzburg). 5 year old nephew (as well as his 43 y/o uncle!) wants to see Neuschwanstein (thus the rather awkward Fussen stop at the end). Comments or criticism are welcome! Thank you very much. This board is great. -Jason

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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Doesn't look overly ambitious at all to me. In fact, it looks downright sensible!

Posted by Barry
San Diego, CA
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One of the more sensible itineraries I've seen in a long time.

Posted by Darren
Boulder, CO, USA
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The first thing that I see, I would probably write off the Fussen leg and day trip it from Munich to see the castles. You've got quite a few days in Munich, so you could use one for that. You may have a day too many in Salzburg, but I'm not sure what you're planning there. Of course, you could use some of those days for day tripping the surrounding area just fine. Don't forget Herrenchiemsee and Linderhof (for that 5 yo and 43 yo!) Overall, it looks like a great itinerary, as you're not moving that big group around very much.

Posted by Paul
NYC area
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Hi Jason, 3 nights and 2 full days for Salzburg is perfect. The Christmas markets (there's a few different ones) there are wonderful. Also, I'd keep the nights in Fuessen. It's a charming old town and I'd probably even stay an extra night (3 nights/2 full days) and visit Linderhof Palace from here. Paul

Posted by Kathy
Germany, Germany
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Itinerary looks fine. A few words of advice. If you don't already have hotel reservations, get them ASAP. There's hardly anything, mostly nothing left anywhere in the ski areas. Also check the dates of the Christmas markets you'd like to see. Salzburg is really one of my favorite markets. Many end the day before Christmas Eve or on the eve itself. www.christmasmarkets.com

Posted by Lawrence
New York, NY, USA
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great itin, especially b/c you're staying put in 1 location for a new nights at a time. Especially w/ kids, that makes good sence. Skiing at xmas time in the region is great; I skied in St Anton am Arlberg in Austria for a few nights some yrs back; and loved it. For skiers, chance to add winter sports into their European xmas vacation plans makes for an unforgettable experience; one your family won't soon forget!

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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It's been many years since our "Bavarian" Christmas trip. However, here's a few thoughts to consider: Can you move Salzburg before Christmas? It was a wonderful place to be December 20-23, but won't you miss the markets and atmosphere if you go there AFTER Christmas? .... We also spent Christmas in Bad Gastein, staying at the Gruner Baum. It was magical. We took a sleigh ride back into the mountains on Christmas day.......Innsbruck had good Christmas markets, we went there before Salzburg. We don't ski, but I believe there are ski places there so close to town that people would go skiing on their two hour lunch breaks.

Posted by Elaine
Landstuhl, Germany
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I'm assuming you've checked that the ski areas at BG are open Christmas Day? Might need to get hotel to make Christmas Day dinner reservations, not sure if they'll be open in evening after skiing, although also check on Chrismas Eve, as that's really the bigger holiday in Germany.