Purchasing metro passes in Paris

Hi friends, So I am leaving for Paris in three weeks and trying to sort out passes. Any thoughts on how to purchase metro passes? I see there are 10 packs but there is also a unlimited pass bundled with the Paris Pass so I am wondering what the best way to go is... Thank you (merci)!

Posted by Dick
Olympia, WA, USA
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The carnets have done fine for us in several trips to Paris. As you approach the end of your visit you should get single tickets rather than go home with unused ones from the carnet, as I believe they expire in a year. The Paris Museum Pass can be a good value for seeing museums and other sights, does nothing as far as transit. I have no experience with the Paris Visite pass, but I have yet to encounter anyone on this board who thought it was a good deal.

Posted by Ed
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' . . . as I believe they expire in a year.' Nope. Maybe in a century. I don't know how old some of mine are, but I'll bet a few have probably been making the trip back and forth since the day after they dug the first tunnel.

Posted by Christina
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My understanding is that not everyone thinks the Paris Pass is a good deal. have you done the match and time calculations to see whether you will get your money's worth? It certainly will save time in ticket lines, and allows you to pop into places for short stints, so it's not without merit. I can't speak to which Metro pass option is better, but the little ten ticket pack was sufficient for 6 days in Paris for my husband and I. Paris is a place that you want to walk around a lot (if you're able to, of course) anyway. But obviously the unlimited pass would come in handy.

Posted by Harold
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There is a Paris Pass, a Paris Visite Pass, and a Paris Museum Pass. They are three different things (very confusing). The Paris Museum Pass can be a good deal, but you still have to do the math. The other two are rarely good deals for most visitors. The ten pack of metro tickets is called a carnet (pronounced car-NAY); it's splittable, and many people walk a lot in Paris so they only need one or two carnets for their whole visit. If you are taking a lot of rides one day, there's a Carte Mobilis, which is a day ticket. You can get a weekly pass, but it's only good from Monday through Sunday (not any random 7 days), requires a photo, and is not sharable. The Paris Museum Pass official site, showing what's covered: http://en.parismuseumpass.com/rub-museums-monuments-by-name-5.htm
and the costs: http://en.parismuseumpass.com/rub-the-pass-price-36.htm. Remember the pass is consecutive days only. If you're seeing a lot of covered things, it's a great deal.

Posted by Sam
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I have used the Visite and it is not grossly overpriced at 23.40 for 3 days vs 6.60/day for a day pass (19.80 for 3 days). Paying 3.60 for convenience of not having to purchase 3 days in a row. It has some discounts attached, although I have not used any. And I have a Navigo, but it doesn't pay to recharge when you are only there over a weekend. Also, I LOVE riding the Metro (could be a form of personality disorder). Carnets are probably the best deal if you like walking.

Posted by Tim
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Which pass (if any) will be best for you depends upon how many days you will be in Paris plus what day of the week you will arrive and what day of the week you will depart. Please give us that information. However, buying 10-ticket carnets as needed may well be your best option, especially if you like to walk and won't be taking a lot of rides each day. Both the Paris Visite pass and the Paris pass that combines a museum pass with a transportation pass tend to not be a good deal.

Posted by Suzanne
Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA
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Thank you all. I completely see your wisdom and am going to stick to buying a 10 pack. I am staying in the 1st so close to just about everything so might not even need more than 10. I might buy the Museum Pass for the convenience factor but appreciate all the quick responses. Now if only I could make time fly so I could be there:) Merci,

Posted by Dina
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There are certain times the Paris Visite pass makes sense. It is especially useful for children ages 10 & 11 as they are too old for demi-tarif tickets, but still children as far as the Paris Visite is concerned. Although carnets work well for most people, I do find that in colder months or when it rains, or when carting around children, having an all-day Mobilis pass is worthwhile. Or if you don't want to/can't walk much. You can hop on a bus and ride it just a block or two for a little respite. Or if you find a giant line at the ice skating in front of the Mairie at Christmas time, you can bop over to the Trocadero to see if it's smaller there.

Posted by Terry
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My two cents: Sometimes you need the validated ticket to get out....so don't be quick to toss the ticket from the carnet. My problem was I mixed the new and the used, which caused me some confusion at the turnstile. But the carnet is easy to use and easy to buy.