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Provence--where to go???

Would like to spend 2 days in southern france but dont know where to go? On a budget but would like to see the countryside. Coming by train. Any advice on where to go???

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What do you mean by southern France, the Med. or Provence. I really like Grasse, even if you are not into perfume it is a unique and interesting experience, also depending on the time of year you are there you can smell perfumes in the air.

Provence also has some stunning natural beauty, the Gorge, the Alpes Maritime (I love the tiny villages up on moutain peaks)

Outside of Provence there is the Camarague, and Dordogne area

And if it is the fall you can check out Antibes, Biot, St. Tropez (no train)

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Nice is a great choice if by train. You can catch a high speed TGV train from Paris and arrive very quickly without spending too much money if you have a train pass. Make sure you see the old town area near the beach.