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Provence or Dordogne

My sister and I are going to France for two weeks in early October and we have the beginning and end of our trip all set, but we're trying to fine tune the middle section. Should we spend a day and a half (2 nights) in Provence, travel to the Dordogne (by train or car)and spend one full day (2 nights) there, or should we just do one region? If so, which one? Help!

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Just one. It takes quite a while to get between the two (depending on where you are in Provence, this could be an all day drive or train ride to Dordogne) and there's SO much to see in each region, you would end up wanting to go back to both areas. Even 4 nights isn't really enough time for one of the regions. As for which one, they are both amazing so you just have to pick one and plan to come back soon for the other. Have fun!

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Just one.

There's plenty to see and do, you won't be bored.