Provence, Loire, or Extra Burgundy?

We're doing week-long Burgundy canal barge trip in the early Fall, which includes brief side trips into Beaune, Cluny, and Autun. We want to spend a couple more days somewhere before returning home. Would it be worth going into Provence, Dordogne, or the Loire for just a couple of days, or would we be better off spending the extra time in the Burgundy region? We're already doing a couple of days in Paris before the cruise begins.

Posted by Darren
Boulder, CO, USA
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Hi Angie,
Yes, it would be worth spending more time in Burgundy, especially if you're a wine girl. However, Provence, the Dordogne and the Loire are all excellent as well. You don't say where you'll be flying out of, so that will make a difference if it's only a few days. If it's Paris, then the Loire is nice and close, so that makes departing simpler. As for Provence? I can't imagine going to France and not going to Provence, but that might be a push for only two days. Dordogne will be the same, I'd like more time, but it's a simple train ride to Paris from there. Flying out of Nice? Provence is a no brainer.

Posted by Mike
Columbia, MO, USA
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I think Dordogne or Loire are out due to travel time to either vice Beaune or Provence. We were in all four last June-and Beaune had our favorite B&B of our month in France. Send pm if you'd like more info on that. Happy travels.

Posted by Adam
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I agree with Mike that the logistics make the Loire a stretch and the Dordogne downright impossible in a few short days. Provence is within reach thanks to France's great rail system. There's an airport in Marseilles, and a direct train to Charles deGaulle that would get you there by 10:30 AM--time for an afternoon flight back to the States. Provence is wonderful, but a few more days in Burgundy, or in the neighboring Jura, with a car would not be shabby either. If you are really torn over this a few guidebooks will help you to decide.

Posted by john
sumter, SC, United States
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Provence and Dordogne are out if you are flying out of Paris which I assume you will be. The Loire is a possibility but you don't say where your cruise ends. IF you can manage three extra days, and are flying out of CDG, then rent a car and go for the Loire area. If you only have two days don't knock yourself out, spend them in Burgundy and save the others for another trip. John