Planning a trip to the Provence. How much time will I need to spend in each of Arles, St Remy, Nimes, Les Beaux and Gordes? Thanks

Posted by Bev
Decorah, Iowa, USA
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How much time do you have? What you want to see and do will help determine the number of days. Will you have a car or use the train? Only you can determine the number of days in each place...would a year be too long? I am not being be snippy, you could easily spend at least a month in each place?

Posted by Jim
Slidell, LA
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Interesting question, Ted. Been working on that one myself. I'm taking my wife and her 88 year old mother to France in September, wanting to see both Paris and Provence. I've been told by responses to my recent posting, "France in 10", that four days is the minimum we should spend there and that renting a car is a must. I used to be afraid to drive in Europe until I rented a car in Scotland last year and successfully navigated the roads there. After that, anywhere I can rent a car that runs on the right side of the road is fine with me. One other thing that was suggested to me was that we fly into Nice and out of Paris, or vice versa, in order to save travel time on a train. Looking at the places you listed and what others have told me I'd imagine you would need at least a week if you get a car, more if it's all with public transportation. I believe he problem you will face, as I did visiting Tuscany on a schedule, is serendipity....the unknown places and things you will stumble upon that will make you want to explore them further. If you could share more details of your trip then I and others might be able to help you.

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I really like both Arles and St. Remy (especially on market day), and Les Baux is interesting for an hour or so. I think you could easily spend two days visiting those three locations.

Posted by ted
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Thanks for the replies. In particular, one day I plan to drive from Avignon to Nimes, Point du Guard, and Ubetz. On another day I plan to drive from Avignon to Arles, Les Beaus, and St Remy (on market day). Should I spread this out over 3 days instead of 2. Thanks

Posted by Larry
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And don't forget Lourmarin and Rousillon. They are also on the list of the most beautiful villages of Provence. It did take us a lot of time to drive around and see all of these places. Interesting, you pay to park everywhere except Lourmarin. Wait until you see the parking lot prices at Pont du Gard. 15E as I recall. But, it was scenic and beautiful.

Posted by Darren
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Hi Ted,
3 days would definitely be better than two. More, if you can swing it!

Posted by Ron
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Avignon is a good base. You should be able to cover Pont du Gard, Nimes and Arles comfortably in a day. Nimes or Arles would be good places for lunch. On another day you could head into the Luberon.

Posted by Cyn
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I have spent the better part of 7 summers in Provence, so I have some definite ideas. Arles is worth an entire day because of the museum which has some of the most beautiful mosaics from Roman times. I would avoid Arles on market days because it complicates the parking. The train station is a bit of a walk from the city center. I agree that Avignon is a great base and be sure to see Les Halles, the indoor market there. Nimes is interesting but I would prioritize a drive through the Luberon Valley over Nimes. I would encourage you to pack a picnic and relax at Pont du Gard if the weather is good. Be sure to eat at Brunel in Avignon which is on the street to walk to the bridge. Great food at good prices. The chef is a genius.

Posted by christine
TAVEL, Provence, France
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Hello TED I am a French provencal native and I will suggest to stay for 3 nights. Arles, St Remy, les Baux Nimes pont du Gard Uzes Avignon and Luberon you can visit it all from on place and do not move around too much Avignon and surrounding can be good and close by tGV station. Village life is quiet may be relaxing. in september there is the wine harvest going on ... staying a wine village near Avignon ? CHATEUANEUF DU pAPE-TAVEL OR LIRAC why not ?