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Has anybody dealt with I am looking at getting a room in Spain. Thanks.


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I've used Priceline "name your own price" quite a few times in the U.S. and once in London. I have always felt like I got a good deal.

I prefer using them when I specifically know the area where I want to stay and they let me choose that area. For example, in the U.S., I have often used them when I needed to stay overnight at an airport ... most cities have an airport zone.

The hotels tend to be the big chains. In the U.S., I have stayed in Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, etc.

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I used priceline for a room in Paris last summer. I thought it was an ok deal but the hotel was not easy to find and not very close to the metro. I had no problems with the stay but I think I could have done better on my own...make sure you bring a copy of your payment and reservation.

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I had better luck with They seem to recommend nicer hotels, and always name brand.

In London I got the Hilton Wardorf at $110 per night. I am heading back in July to Paris, via London and got the Sharaton for $105 a night on hotwire.