Prague/Austria/Germany trip itinerary tips?

I'm just starting to plan a late May 2014 trip to this part of Europe, and in just starting my research, am thinking about this: Fly into Prague: 3 nights/2 days Train to Vienna: 3 nights/3 days Train to Salzburg: 1 night/1 day (not interested in the Sound of Music tour) Train to Halstatt: 1 night/1 day (my mid-trip break) Train to Munich: 3 nights/2 days (including day trip to Neuchwanstein Castle) Train to Cochem: 3 nights/3 days around Mosel/Rhine valley
Fly out of Frankfort. Is this do-able? Am I allowing enough time in the cities? Thanks for any advice you can give! FYI: It might be just me going, and I'm a history buff in my mid-40s. Just took my first trip abroad this past summer, and found that I get tired faster than I thought I would, so go-go-go travel is not for me, since it wears me out, although I didn't have a problem with jetlag in England, surprisingly enough (the jetlag hit when I got back home to the States).

Posted by Monte
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Rather than address your schedule directly let me say something about go-go-go- travel. My wife are older than you. We do not spend less than three nights in any one place other than airport hotels. That's two full days. Sometimes we get adventurous and spend four nights in one place. Or, five nights. One night is still viable at your age but you just wait.

Posted by James E.
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too aggressive for my style too. but Im also older. i agree with the previous post.

Posted by Paul
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Hi Kathy, We usually don't experience much jet lag on our first day, or at anytime during our trips from NY to Munich. Arriving back home, that's a different story. It's pretty bad the first 2 days back home. I can only comment on a couple of places. Salzburg and Hallstatt are close enough together not to need to change hotels. I'd probably day trip to Hallstatt from Salzburg. We happen to love Salzburg, so we're a bit biased I guess. We visited Hallstatt as a day trip from Berchtesgaden in Oct. '06. Hallstatt itself is cute and the location just gorgeous, but we found an afternoon more than enough there. On our trip in mid Oct. it was very quiet. Cochem was our favorite old town on the Mosel. We spent 4 nights in Oct. '07. Burg Eltz is a "must see" while based in Cochem. If you can get to see it, Marksburg Castle was another highlight on the Rhine. Not sure of the ease of transportation for Herrenchiemsee Palace, but it's an amazing "Mad" King Ludwig creation right between Salzburg and Munich. Paul