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Portugal: Lisbon and Sentra

I am thinking of flying from Madrid to Lisbon using Easyjet. Has anyone had an experience (good or bad) with this airline? Also, what is the best way to get from Lisbon to Sentra and back (excluding renting a car). Also, do you have any suggestions about must-do's in Sentra? Where to stay and where to eat? Thanks!

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You may also want to check out Vueling to compare their prices on that route....from 30 Euro one way. I've flown them several times, and had great experiences with them. As for Lisbon to Sintra, the best way is by train.....many per day out of Oriente and Entrecampos stations....about an hour's journey time with a transfer at Cacem, and less than 2 Euro. Almost all of Portugal is covered by one big commuter train network.

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Easyjet is considered my many (including myself) to be the best of all the European discount operators. Very professional operation.

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Sintra is a very easy train ride from Lisbon. It took under an hour and is cheap. Sintra is lovely, really charming. There are 2 main palaces to see, the National Palace and the Pena Palace, and there is also the Moorish Castle ruins. Excellent little bus system to help you get up to the Pena/Moorish castles which are waaaaay up a winding hill. We ate lunch (we only did a day trip) in a local cafe right off the main town center, it was cheap and tasty and full of locals, I don't remember the name but the town is full of little places. Cute shops that are worth perusing, too, I bought a couple of cute little hand-painted ceramics. If you get the LisboaCard during your stay in Lisbon, the train to/from Sintra, the National Palace and Moorish ruins are included, and you get a huge discount on the Pena palace, so it's something to think about for your stay in Lisbon Anyway, Lisbon is awesome, Sintra is awesome. Have a great time :)