Portugal in December 2012

Any advice for traveling to Portugal in December 2012?

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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You'll get replies if you specify what sort of advice you were looking for. Where to find strip clubs? The best place to buy a cheap lawnmower? If you aren't more specific, no one will know. Some questions to get you started: Who is going on this trip - how many travelers and their approximate ages. How long are you going for? Are you visiting any other places besides Portugal on this trip? Are there any places you already have definitely booked, or that are personal must-sees for you? What made you pick Portugal in the first place; what did you hope to get out of the trip?
Will you have a car? What are your exact dates? Does your visit overlap Christmas/New Years - or avoid it? Etc. etc. Help us help you!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Karen, I agree with the previous reply. Your question is somewhat "general" so it's difficult to answer. A bit of information on your interests and the type of sights you like to visit would be helpful also. A good place to start would be to check your local Library or book stores and have a look at the Portugal Guidebook. There will be lots of good information there on sightseeing, hotels, restaurants, etc. Happy travels!

Posted by Karen
Phillipsburg, NJ, USA
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To be more specific. The week between Christmas and New Years is the only time we can travel, are attractions open during that week? Attractions such as palaces and castles and historic sites. What is the weather like then? Just want to make sure that it is worth going then. Thanks.