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Please help with Itinerary

I am flying in and out of Frankfurt, entire trip is 16 days including flights, travel. Would Paris, Berlin and Prague be a good idea? How about France/Germany eurail with a Prague excursion? How many days would you break it up to?


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For train timetables for all of Europe, go to the site I gave in my previous post, After you get summary timetables, click on "Details for all" to see the connecting points, if any.

For Paris-Berlin I would either take the direct night train to have more daylight hours for sightseeing and to save the cost of a night in a hotel--or I would fly on a budget airline.

If you add up the discount fares I gave you, you'll find that they are a lot less than a railpass. However, you have to commit to a specific date and time to get those fares so you lose the flexibility that a railpass affords you.

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If you take advantage of advance booking discounts, a railpass will not be cost effective.

If you book well in advance (up to 90 days allowed) at, you can get an Europa-Spezial Frankreich fare of 39€ for Frankfurt-Paris.

You can get the same fare for Paris-Berlin day routes or SparNight fares for the direct night train. (SparNight fares sell out very quickly.)

Or you can fly on a budget airline. Paris Orly-Berlin Schönefeld with easyJet and Paris Orly-Berlin Tegel with AirBerlin. Or Paris CDG-Berlin Tegel with AirBerlin.

You can get an Europa-Spezial fare of 29€ for Berlin-Praha at

You can book Praha-Dresden and Dresden-Frankfurt Flughafen separately and get a 26.30€ fare for Praha-Dresden and a Dauer-Spezial fare of 29€ for Dresden-Frankfurt Flughafen. Or you can get SparNight fares for the direct Praha-Frankfurt Hbf night train. Book these at

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How long is a train from Paris to Berlin?

I guess your saying point to point Frankfurt/Paris, Easyjet etc. Paris/Berlin, point to point Berlin/Prague/Frankfurt? I figured a Germany France/Prague excursion is about 450 or so us dollars

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Paris is in exactly the opposite direction of Berlin/Prague which means lots of travel time.

I think the two choices are an overnight train from Paris to Berlin or Prague or air between the two ends or your tour. Frankfurt to Paris. Berlin to Prague (or opposite) and back to Frankfurt are reasonable train rides. I don't know the schedules.

You might choose to do it all by air. Air is faster, it keeps getting cheaper (although very limited for luggage) and more flights are being offered all the time. Trains take longer, prices keep inching up and schedules are limited.

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I have finallized my plans, I am saving Prague for an eastern europe trip a few years from now, (it isnt going anywhere)

I am flying into Frankfurt, staying overnight, then a train to Paris for 5-6 days overnight train to Berlin 5 days then 2-3 days in Munich before back to Frankfurt 1 more night before flying out.

I am going to use a Eurail France/Germany Pass.

Does this sound like a good idea?

I havent been to Germany but I was in Paris for 2 days 15 years ago, needless to say I didnt see much.