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Please help me choose between two iteneraies in France

I hope to purchase tickets in a few days, so your help is greatly appreciated. My husband and I will spend one week in France in November, and we will be traveling by train only once we arrive. Our goal is to see art and cathedrals (mainly gothic), including tapestries and museums.

Itineray one: fly into Frankfurt, take train from Frankfurt airport directly to Strasbourg. Day trip from Strasbourg to Colmar. Strasbourg to Paris. Day trip from Paris to either Chartres or Amiens.

Itinerary two. Fly in and out of Paris. Paris to Reims, Reims to Amien, Amien to Roun. Rouen to Chartes. Fly out Paris.

We don't neccessary want to spend time in Paris (we love it but we've been there before). Both iterieries would allow us to see fabulous art and cathedrals, but I am baffled by the various train pass options. We are budget minded and would love input from anyone. Thanks!

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Matti, I'd check on the rail schedule to see which works best for you. If both works, then consider which airport is cheaper to fly into.

Rick suggested an open jaw airfare, so you don't have to limit yourself to the same city to go in/ out.

I know there will be great responses from other Rick travlers!

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If you are budget minded then option two is going to work out cheaper. Train tickets for daytrips out of Paris will run more frequently and cost less then the trains you get you from Frankfurt to STrasbourg to Clomar to Paris then start daytriping from Paris.

Also it has not been my experience that open jaw ticket are cheap, they always seem to cost a bit more, but they do save on backtracking, but with using Paris as a base you can just satellite tour from Paris.One daytrip which is actaully an overnight at least would be to consider Bayeaux, I only suggest this since you mentioned tapestries,, and the most famous one of all is there! Also I guess you are aware of the Lady and the Unicorn at the Cluny ?

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Thanks for your reply, Pat. I did price the open-jaw vs. round trip prices--we would save about $100 for open jaw (which would be eaten up by train tickets for the longer train rides, as you mention).

Yes, I have seen and adorned the lady and the unicorn tapestries, and wan't to see the Bayeux tapestry too, but I couldn't figure out a logical way to put it into the itereranry. Maybe leave out Reims and add Bayeux? Suggestions?