Please critique Spain 10 days intinerary

Take into account that I'm not too crazy about spending too much time inside a museum. I would have more joy walking on a cobblestone street (maybe see old buildings or castles).I could probably add an extra day..or skip a place. Logistically speaking which makes more sense? Day 1: Arrive Barcelona mid morning from another city in Europe. (no need to worry about jet-lag) Sleep in Barcelona Day 2: Barcelona sleep in Barcelona Then: Option A: ( Seville last city) Day 3: Barcelona- Toledo Sleep Toledo Day 4: Morng Toledo Late train to Madrid Day 5: Madrid sleep Madrid Day 6: Mad-Cordoba-Sevilla Spend most day in Cordoba Sleep Sevilla Day 7: Sevilla sleep Sevilla Day 8: Sevilla Morning go Granada Sleep Granada Day 9: Granada /Alhambra Sleep Granada Day 10: Morning Granada Day 11: Early Fly back USA from sevilla- madrid- us Option B: (Madrid Last city) Day 3: Barcelona fly to Sevilla Sleep Sevilla Day 4: Sevilla Sleep Sevilla Day 5: Sevilla to Cordoba Cordoba Mezquita Sleep Granda Day 6: Granada/Alhambra Day 7: Morning Granada Late Flight Madrid sleep Madrid Day 8: Madrid Toledo early afternoon Sleep Toledo Day 9: Toledo morning back Madrid
Day 10: Full day Madrid Day 11: Return Usa from Madrid

Posted by Lola
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Hi Fernando, We did nearly an identical trip one year ago, and it was one of our best. We traveled entirely by yarn on discount tickets bought in advance on, and we flew home from Madrid which from my research saves a lot over flying out of Seville. Granada and Toledo were our favorites, and if you enjoy walking ancient streets more than museums they might be yours too. Adapting our sequence of travel to your schedule, I suggest you consider Barcelona (2 nights), to Toledo ( night), Sevilla ( 2 nights), Granada (2 nights), Cordoba ( 1 night), Madrid 2 nights; fly home from Madrid. Travel times on this route are short, leaving you lots of time to explore. And avoiding flights within Spain saves airport hassles.

Posted by Nancy
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When I was considering leaving out of Sevilla, I found that just about every flight connects in Madrid, anyway, and the cost was higher. I'd go with the plan to end up in Madrid (that was my choice, anyway).