Place de la Bastille area

Hi, We have some time available on a first trip to France, June 26 - 29, Wed-Sat, and have rented a villa near the center Place de la Bastille on Rue De Charenton at Rue Moreau. Any input and/or advice regarding this area? We are big walkers, but wonder whether we should just buy carnets for the metro to access major sights further away? Thanks in advance!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Mariliyn, I am a big walker too, but one carnet split between the two of you makes alot of sense, even with being big walkers the site can be very spread out ( thinking of the distance between the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Couer ) , and after a long day of touring about museums, hours on your feet already, it is nice to have the option to jump on the nearest bus or metro and go "home". One carnent is only about 12-13 euros so not a huge investment and as I said, can be used on either bus or metro by both of you. There are many things to walk to from your area though, so you will still get lots of walking in!

Posted by steven
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Marilyn, Allow me to respond to your question about walking . My wife and I are also quite fond of extensive walking and Paris is probably one of the best cities to engage in what Parisians call " Flanerie " which has a deeper connotation than simply going from place to place on foot . It is a cultural issue which involves wandering or strolling in a manner that includes taking in your surroundings in a more considered manner . Once you hit a Parisian street ,it's hard not to get sucked into this . As a matter of fact ,it's one of the great joys of Paris . However one has to be practical ,and your idea to use carnets to initially get to a destination is very sensible , On our last trip ( our first ) to Paris ,we did just that. It gave us an early start and saved time in stitching together sights during the day . towards the latter part of the day , we found walking invigorating , and got a lot of air into our lungs which was as good as french coffee ( a necessity and a joy ) after some hours of meandering in museums and other sights. For our taste ,a good way to do it . We loved Paris and are headed back in the fall , Enjoy it !!