Pictures at Eiffel Tower

Does anyone know if there are pro photographers around the Eiffel Tower that will take pictures for tourist. My husband and I will be traveling alone and would like to have our picture taken with the tower in the background for a keepsake but don't feel comfortable handing our camera over to a stranger.

Posted by Ed
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Maybe, never noticed. More importantly, everybody else just hands cameras around. Your bigger problem is going to be escaping after you've taken similar pictures for seven groups in a row and there's more lined up waiting for you to keep at it.

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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I've never seen professional photographers anywhere near the ET, or at any tourist site in Paris. Good business idea though!

Posted by Tammy
Seattle, United States
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Yikes, really?! I would have thought that there would be some actual photography businesses around the tower.

Posted by Kira
Seattle, WA, USA
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Tammy, we go to Paris every year and stay at a hotel a five-minute walk away, and have NEVER seen any photographers around. Despite all the horror stories you hear about pickpockets and roving bands of felonious folk engaging in sharp practice, you can feel very safe asking someone to take your picture at the tower. Ed's right. You're FAR more likely to get bogged down doing everyone else a favor and snapping their pix than you are having a camera swiped. :-)

Posted by Tammy
Seattle, United States
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Thanks for all the input. I will find a friendly looking tourist and ask them to take our picture and then I will take one of everyone else. Hopefully not all day though.

Posted by Bev
Decorah, Iowa, USA
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I often ask other tourists if they would like for me to take their pictures. It has provided lots of good opportunities to talk to others. I am more than willing to take your pictures, if you can help with my next trip. :) Enjoy!

Posted by donna
roswell, ga, usa
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The best pics I've ever had of my husband and I together were taken by other tourists and the best of the best were taken by college students easily recognized, or families with one teen in the group who are better at handling cameras than their middle-aged parents (that's who we are)! Relax, you'll find someone willing to take your picture and maybe even make a new friend

Posted by Debbie
Gilbert, AZ, USA
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Never saw a professional photographer. The hardest picture we had was trying to take the cheesy one where it looks like you are touching the top. Had to lay on the ground to take the picture

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I often ask others if they would like me to take a picture of the whole group (or couple). I have never had anyone refuse, and they always offer to reciprocate. I even did this on the Great Wall, where I offered by using gestures and pointing only. The couple I photographed then took one of me with my camera - and one of me with theirs. I have also asked tourists to take a picture for me, since I often travel alone. It's never been a problem.