Passes in Paris

I am trying to decide between a Paris Pass and a Museum Pass. Which is a better bargain?

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Paris Pass not a good deal. Buy Museum Pass and a Visite if you plan on taking many rides every day on the Metro, otherwise, just buy 10 packs of carnets.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Debbie a Museum Pass can have some value if you use it for at least 2-3 sites a day, and it is good to do repeat visits ( for instance the Louvre is huge, why not visit it on two seperate days and not get overloaded !) Its also good for admittance to Versailles, which on regular admission days is 18 euros and 25 on fountain days, but on fountain days you must pay 8 euros extra on top of pass . The pass can only be used on consequetive days so plan carefully, many places close mondays or tuesdays, so make sure you see the things on the days they are open and your pass is still valid. The Museum Pass allows line skipping at most places, but not at all, ( Towers of Notre Dame is a noteable exception, lines can be long and slow and pass does cover admission but not line skipping), the Cathederal is free however, and its long lines move quickly. The pass is not needed at many places for line skipping though, many museum do not have long lines. The Paris Pass includes too much stuff, people rarely get the value of it, I would never recommend it, but can say the Museum pass can have good value for some people. PS If staying central like I do I find I can get by with one carnet of metro/bus tickets every 5-6 days, a carnet is simply 10 one way tickets sold at a discount, this it was 12 euros for 10 tickets. I walked to many sites.. paris is a great walking city, but to get to a few places like Sacre Couer its a long walk.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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I agree with the others. The Paris Museum Pass can be a good deal. The Paris Pass definitely is not. The Paris Visite transportation pass is overpriced. The best transportation pass is the Navigo Semaine. However, it's good Monday-Sunday, not any seven-day period. Buying ten-ticket carnets as needed gives you complete flexibility at a reasonable price.