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Parking in Sevlla

I am going to be in Seville Sept 7 with a car. I am not to crazy about the car idea espcially the parking part.
I just want to park over night on the 7th.
i heard there is parking near the train station.
any idea if this is a good spot and what about the cost?

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Parking in Seville is not for the fainthearted, and since the city is fairly compact, there really is no need to drive around anyway.

The is public parking at the train station -- my recollection is that it is free, both free and paid. Also, on the road that fronts the station, heading towards downtown, there is a large open lot for free parking. Paid underground parking can also be found in the Pza. Gavidia (next to the Pza. Duque and the Corte Inglés). In Seville drivers frequently find themselves hassled by junkies who request money in exchange for "help" parking. You can either give the so called "gorilla" a euro or just smile and walk away, risking a flat tire on your return. (Most places would call this extortion, in Seville it is just a sign of the quality of the local government.) Giving money is by no means a guarantee of finding the car in the same condition you left it, so do not leave anything in the car that you are not willing to lose. (con't)

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Seville is largely a violent crime-free city, but petty thieves abound in any major center. Use common sense and you should have a great time.

By the by, the town of Pilas (about 30 min S of Seville) has a flamenco festival on Sept. 7. Might be a good use of the car.

Have a good trip.

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There is parking at the train station although depending on what time you get there it can be full. It is 15 - 16 euros per day.