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Parisian gourmets, help!

I have reservations at Taillevent in Paris. I know that the tax and service is included with the food cost. What service does this include -- sommelier, matre 'd, etc? I plan to order wine, which will be an added cost. My question, what kind of tip should I give, How should I designate it?

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Tip is based on if you think the service warrants more money. The service cost is sufficient, but if you feel your wait staff deserves more, then give 5% to 10% more. Unlike the US where we are tip happy, a few extra bucks in Paris is fine. If you are ordering wine, and the wine steward serves you, just round up to the next euro and hand it discretely.

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BG, we suggest you click on Rick Steves' recommendations for tipping, here at this site. If you receive outstanding service, you probably want to leave a moderate tip, even though service may be included in the food cost. You could either leave the tip on your table or write it onto your credit card ticket. Usually, that ticket provides a space for gratuity amount. The servers would probably remember you well should you return soon, having failed to tip on occasion of your previous visit.
bon voyage...P.

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thank you -- I have been to Paris several times and always followed Rick's tipping advice at other regular restaurants. I just wondered if there was some other expectation or way of dealing with the service at a top of the line one.
So I'll just do the same!