Paris to Burgundy

We are staying in a chateau outside of Beaune. Can anyone recommend any stops along the trip from Charles de Gaulle airport? Is Chablis worth it? Any other recommendations?

Posted by Jane
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There are so many neat little villages to see along the way. we generally get off the A6 at Nitry and wind our way through the wonderful countryside....places we can recommend are Noyers, Vezelay, Chateauneuf en Auxois which overlooks the Burgundy canal,Semur en Auxois,Flavigny, Montreal,and Chablis. There are many more also. I would get a good map and mark places that you want to go to. We are photographers and really love Chateauneuf en Auxois. There is a wonderful little creperie there called L'Oree du Bois....great soups , salads, crepes etc.
Are you coming from Paris? We always pick up our car at Orly because it seems ... At least to us ....a little easier. If you are coming straight from CDG you may not be using the A6.

Posted by Michael
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Dear Jane Thank you so much for your insights. It's clear you are a devout traveler and want others to equally enjoy it. Thank you

Posted by Adam
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The Fontenay Abbey is more or less enroute, and worthwhile. Stay out of Montbard itself. I also second all of Jane's suggestions, though perhaps would not rate Chablis quite so highly. (Great lunch stop though.)

Posted by Dina
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As it's been pointed out, there are many good choices for stops along the way. You have to decide what's most important for you. While Vezelay has a large cathedral, if you aren't into that, you might not want to stop there. (Or to put it more succinctly - my parents loved it, my husband and I - not so much.) But I loved the Abbaye de Fontenay. Guedelon is fantastic if you're into Medieval castles and want to see one being constructed. Other stops are great if you're into photography. If you're into wine, the Chablis can be worth it. I've been there a few times with people who've come for a visit and it's an enjoyable way to spend several hours. (I just wish I could remember the name of the restaurant that serves a great plat-du-jour for lunch!) If you're there the right time of day, you can combine Chablis with a stop at the Grottes d'Arcy to see some prehistoric cave drawings. Or also visit one of the bigger neaby cities of Tonnerre or Auxerre. Maybe if you specify